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Social Identity Processes

Social Identity Processes
Trends in Theory and Research

First Edition
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Social Psychology (General)

March 2000 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This landmark work offers a tour of the latest developments in Social Identity Theory from the leading scholars in the field. First proposed by Tajfel and Turner in 1979, Social Identity Theory has proved enormously influential in stimulating new theory and research, and in its application to social problems. The field is developing apace and important new lines of work have opened up in the past few years. The three sections of the book cover: theoretical contributions to the field; recent empirical assessments of key elements of the theory; and applications of Social Identity Theory to bring about changes in problematic intergroup relationships.
Rupert Brown and Dora Capozza
Social Identity Theory in Retrospect and Prospect
Kay Deaux
Models, Meanings and Motivations
Stephen Worchel, Jonathan Iuzzini, Dawna Coutant, and Manuela Ivaldi
A Multidimensional Model of Identity
Relating Individual and Group Identities to Intergroup Behaviour

Sabine Otten and Am[ac]elie Mummendey
Valence-Dependent Probability of Ingroup Favouritism between Minimal Groups
An Integrative View on the Positive-Negative Asymmetry in Social Discrimination

Nathalie Scaillet and Jacques-Philippe Leyens
From Incorrect Deductive Reasoning to Ingroup Favouritism
Dora Capozza, Alberto Voci, and Orazio Licciardello
Individualism, Collectivism and Social Identity Theory
Maria Ros, Carmen Huici, and Angel G[ac]omez
Comparative Identity, Category Salience and Intergroup Relations
Anne Maass, Luigi Castelli, and Luciano Arcuri
Measuring Prejudice
Implicity versus Explicit Techniques

Marilynn B Brewer
Superordinate Goals versus Superordinate Identity as Bases of Intergroup Cooperation
Samuel L Gaertner, John F Dovidio, Jason A Nier, Brenda S Banker, Christine M Ward, Melissa Houlette, and Stephanie Loux
The Common Ingroup Identity Model for Reducing Intergroup Bias
Progress and Challenges

Richard J Crisp and Miles Hewstone
Multiple Categorization and Social Identity
Katy Greenland and Rupert Brown
Categorization and Intergroup Anxiety in Intergroup Contact
Dora Capozza and Rupert Brown
New Trends in Theory and Research

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