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Social Entrepreneurship in India

Social Entrepreneurship in India
Quarter Idealism and a Pound of Pragmatism

January 2020 | 284 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
India is a hub of social entrepreneurship and has a long history of solving social problems through entrepreneurial strategies. The book explores this phenomenon with lessons from more than 120 real-life examples of Indian social ventures. It describes how ordinary individuals can solve, and are solving, some of the most critical social problems that besiege the Indian society.

Social Entrepreneurship in India focuses on what ‘entrepreneurship’ means for social entrepreneurs, and how their efforts are different than other social change agents. Using examples, the author provides insights into the nature of entrepreneurial thinking and the methods used by social entrepreneurs to create their ventures and to make essential products and services reachable to marginalized, remote and fragmented markets and communities in a sustainable manner. Based on the existing successful Indian social ventures and enterprises, the book provides practical insights into the models used to build these successful ventures.

A Term in Search of a Definition
The ‘Entrepreneur’ in Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Thinking: A Method to the Madness
Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship
Quarter Idealism and a Pound of Pragmatism
Strategies for Scaling the Impact
Five Archetypes of Social Entrepreneurship
Unequal Access: ‘Markets of the Poor’
Entrepreneurial Models for Providing Access

‘Highly recommended for individuals, donors and policymakers seeking inspiration and ideas on how to build an ecosystem that promotes sustainable enterprises with purpose and soul.’

M Hari Menon
India Country Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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ISBN: 9789353882372