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Simulations and Gaming across Disciplines and Cultures

Simulations and Gaming across Disciplines and Cultures
ISAGA at a Watershed

Edited by:
  • David Crookall - Higher Institute for Economy & Management, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France, University de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France
  • Kiyoshi Arai - Kinki University--Fukuoka, Kinki University, Osaka, Japan

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Simulation and Gaming

August 1995 | 292 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The most up-to-date coverage of simulation and gaming as a professional endeavour rather than as a set of subject-relevant techniques is provided in this volume.

The book covers: the application of a simulation or game for a specific purpose, for example international conflict; business performance and discourse analysis research; debriefing; ethics; the state of simulation/gaming in different countries; ready-to-use games in biology; employer-employee expectations and statistics; and a complete abstract of all the papers presented at the 25th ISAGA Conference.

David Crookall and Kiyoshi Arai
Interdisciplinarity and Interculturality

Richard D Duke
Opening Speech
Welcome and Challenge

Hamilton Beazley and John Lobuts Jr
Executive Decision
Exploring the Psychological Contract: An Exercise

William C Bradford
Simulated US Decision Making in Arab-Israeli Crises
Douglas W Coleman
An Extended Simulation/Game for ESL Composition
Chris J Cunningham
Evolution of a Bushfire Simulation/Game
Jim Freeman
Modeling Equipment Breakdown in the Electrical Supply Industry
Gene B Halleck
Academic Inegrity
Description of a Simulation/Game

Drew Mackie
Gaming Sustainability
Ivar Männamaa and Terje Tuisk
Computer-Mediated Simulation/Gaming in Estonian High Schools
Mieko Nakamura
Statistics Games for Large Classes
Nina N Nemitcheva
The Psychologist and Games in the Intensive Foreign Language Course Game-Based Course
Diane H Parente
A Large-Scale Simulation for Teaching Business Srategy
Leopoldo Schapira
A Pan-American Network Simulation/Game
Janet Sutherland et al
Cross-Cultural Communication, the Internet, and Simulation/Gaming
Reports from the Field

Daniel G Andriessen
Policy Simulation and Crisis Management
The Harsh Winter Scenario

Cisca Joldersma et al
A Policy Exercise for the Dutch Health Care System for the Elderly
Jan H G Klabbers et al
Climate Policy
Management of Organized Complexity through Gaming

Ferenc L Toth
Simulation/Gaming for Long-Term Policy Problems
Ivo Wenzler, Rob Willems, and A M van 't Noordende
A Policy Exercise for the Dutch Power Industry
David Crookall
A Guide to the Literature on Simulation/Gaming
Daniel Druckman
The Educational Effectiveness of Interactive Games
Peter A Raynolds
Jog Your Right Brain (JOG)
An Organizational Research Tool

Beverly Rising and Walter Cedar
Discourse Analysis of Foreign Language Learners in Computerized Simulation
William J Wellington and A J Faria
The Effect of Time Pressure, Team Formation, and Planning on Simulation/Game Performance
Robert H R Armstrong
Gaming-Simulation in Perspective
Henry I Ellington
The Future of Simulation/Gaming in Britain
Jac L Geurts
Opportunities and Challenges for Gaming/Simulation
A Dutch Perspective

Linda C Lederman and Fumitoshi Kato
Debriefing the Debriefing Process
A New Look

Richard B Powers
Elbow's Methodological Belief
Some Uses and a Caution

Victor I Rybalskiy
History Lessons and Prospects of Gaming/Simulation in the CIS
Ferenc L Toth
Policy Exercises
The First 10 Years

Joseph Wolfe
The Use of Simulations/Games to Fill Russia's Managerial Needs

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