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Selling and Negotiation Skills

Selling and Negotiation Skills
A Pragmatic Approach

First Edition
  • Prashant Chaudhary - Prashant Chaudhary, Faculty, Indira School of Business Studies PGDM, Pune
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March 2019 | 300 pages | SAGE Texts

An indispensable companion to every student and professional who hopes to master the art of negotiation and selling.

In today’s challenging business environment and transforming consumer behaviour, selling and negotiation skills are paramount in gaining competitive advantage and to drive success. This comprehensive yet concise book dwells upon these critical skills at large, covering the varied sales approaches and strategies along with negotiation styles and tactics. The text is interspersed with numerous illustrative examples from diverse real-life situations for an easy understanding of the subject.

Written in a simple, lucid language and filled with essential tools and helpful tactics, Selling and Negotiation Skills: A Pragmatic Approach simplifies the whole negotiation process to achieve a win-win situation for everyone. The book’s practical and highly effective framework aims to help the readers harness the much-needed selling and negotiation skills to their advantage.

Key Features

• Complex concepts elaborated through innovative examples, tables and schematic diagrams

• Illustrations from mythology, movie scenes and simulated role plays

• Caselets in each chapter; three major case studies from international affairs, diplomatic dialogues and war-based negotiations

Selling: Fundamentals and Modern Practices
Selling Process: Journey towards Closing the Deal
Fundamental Concepts, Types and Conceptual Instruments of Negotiation
Styles, Strategies and Tactics of Negotiation
Negotiation Process
Dealing with ‘Difficult’ People and Situations
Case Study: Negotiated Resolution of Doklam Standoff


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ISBN: 9789353282127