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Volume: 5
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Interpersonal Relations

May 1993 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Self-disclosure is a major factor in the development, maintenance and deterioration of a relationship. This volume explores how individuals negotiate with their relationship partners: what, where, when and how they communicate personal feelings and thoughts.

Among the issues examined are: how close relationships and self-disclosure are mutually transformative; how subcultural differences between men and women influence self-disclosure in relationships; how the vulnerability and risk associated with disclosing personal information leads partners to be concerned about privacy regulation; and how stress-reducing disclosure, associated with the willingness to talk about stressful events, provides both a means of coping with unpleasant life events and access to social support.

A Useful Behavior for Studying Close Relationships

Developing Close Relationships
Privacy Regulation and Vulnerability
Coping with Stress and Social Support

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ISBN: 9780803939554