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Sales & Marketing in Australasia

Here you can find an outline of some of the activities carried out by the Sales and Marketing Department. Each book is treated individually, and a specific marketing plan is tailored to meet the needs of its market. We like to work with you as a team and have also outlined some ideas below on how you can help to promote your book.

Introduction to Sales and Marketing

Ideas for Promoting Your Book

A Year in the Life of a SAGE Book Author

Author Information Sheet (PDF)

Author Information Sheet (DOC)


Australasian support

SAGE now has a dedicated regional team who are on hand to support you and your book locally. They can provide customised flyers to promote your book and will market your book at local events such as academic conferences that you may be attending. Should you wish to speak to your local SAGE staff in more detail concerning adoption potential and other aspects of your book’s marketing, please email with any queries.