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Sales and Distribution Management

Sales and Distribution Management
An Integrative Approach

Second Edition (Revised Edition)
  • Pingali Venugopal - XLRI - Xavier School of Management, India, Professor of Marketing and Coordinator of the Centre for Global Management and Responsible Leadership, XLRI, Jamshedpur
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Sales Management

November 2020 | 416 pages | SAGE Texts
With a focus on integrating marketing and selling, this textbook provides a long-term orientation to sales and distribution management.

The book covers key components of the subject with a practical perspective into the role of marketing, B2B selling, retail environment, channel decisions and management, sales force management and supply chain management. 

Sales and Distribution Management will guide readers to build frameworks for planning and implementing decisions of sales and distribution, which are synchronized to short-term and long-term selling orientation and are aligned with marketing decisions. The second edition of this bestselling title will be of immense value to students of management and professionals in the field. 

Key Features:

• Focus on the core distinction between selling and marketing roles, and how to synchronize selling efforts with marketing goals

• Detailed description of the process of selling for B2B consumables and how companies can promote quality in B2B markets

• Textual content substantiated with appropriate examples and cases for classroom teaching and learning

• Activities and application-based practice questions in each chapter for self-assessment
Preface to the First Edition
Setting the Context
Marketing and Selling: The Conflict?
SECTION I. Marketing and Selling
Role of Marketing. Building Loyalty: Consumer Behaviour View
Selling During Different Stages of Consumer Behaviour
Integrating Pull and Push
B2B Selling for Consumables
Operationalization of the Selling Function
SECTION II. Shopping Environment
Economic Development and Shopping Environment
Retail Environment in India
SECTION III. Channel Decisions: Distribution Network of a Mobile Company
Channel Design
Channel Member Selection
Monitoring and Developing the Channel Members: The Missing Link
Channel Evaluation
Internet as an Alternate Channel
Channel Conflict: Consolidated Channel Management Cases
SECTION IV. Sales Management Decisions
Sales Force Recruitment/Socialization
Dyadic Sale: Selling Style and Service Orientation
Territory Design
Sales Force Targets
Sales Force Automation
SECTION V. Motivating Channel Partners and Salespeople
Channel Commitment
Sales Force Motivation
SECTION VI Supply Chain Management: SABMiller Revamps Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management
Inventory Management at Retail Level
Sustainable Distribution
Augmenting the Marketing Product in Line with Marketing Process
Urban Orientation of Rural Consumers: Implication for Consumer Goods Distribution
E-Waste: Disposal Behaviour of ICT Products by Indian Households


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ISBN: 9789353884864