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Designed for various levels of faculty and students, these engaging webinars will help you learn more about our authors, textbooks, and initiatives. SAGE talks webinars offer you the opportunity to closely interact with authors as they explore some of today's top trends and discussions within the worlds of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences.

Featured Webinars:


Teaching Data Analytics in HRM Courses: Why It's Important and How to Do It


Authors of Human Resource Management: People, Data, and AnalysticsTayla Bauer and David Caughlin discuss the growth of HR analytics in organizations and how to best train students to ask important business questions that can be answered using data. David Caughlin will show easy ways to bring data exercises and examples into your HR course to better prepare students for the workplace. 

Date: Wednesday, February 27th 
Time: 9 - 10 a.m. PST



Introduction to R: A talk by Dr. Andreea Moldovan of the University of Exeter

 Andreea Moldovan

The rise of big data has given social scientists access to vast datasets. To fully realize this opportunity, many social scientists are changing the way they work and adopting the R programming language to allow for further exploration and analysis. In this free webinar, Dr. Andreea Moldovan, Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, will introduce you to the wonderful world of R and the benefits of its statistical techniques and visualizations in social science research.

Date: Tuesday, March 12th
Time: 7 - 8 a.m. PST