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SAGE Skills: Student Success

Essential skills for academic success and beyond

SAGE Skills: Student Success

New from SAGE! 

SAGE Skills: Student Success empowers students to learn the practical academic and personal skills needed to thrive during their time in higher education and beyond. 

With more than 1,100 topics across 10 comprehensive modules, this digital resource provides a flexible and engaging learning journey through interactive scenarios, self-assessments, downloadable exercises, videos, and more. 

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Support student learning and student outcomes

Every student has unique strengths and learning goals, which make it difficult for an institution to holistically improve student outcomes. 

SAGE Skills: Student Success is a comprehensive, interactive resource that supports all students as they acclimatize to and progress through college or university. Libraries can expand their contributions to student learning and faculty instruction for the entire campus through this single resource:

  • 10 modules with 1,100 practical skill topics 
  • Cross-disciplinary relevance across all disciplines and courses
  • Engaging multimedia, including interactive scenarios, short videos, downloadable exercises, and more 
  • Save faculty time and effort, use topics as workshop or in-class activities and assignments
  • Easy integration of topics into LMS or web applications
  • Developed with expert scholars from around the world
  • Flexible and user-friendly interface

A comprehensive collection of 10 modules addressing practical skills

SAGE Skills: Student Success focuses on practical skill sets that were developed in partnership with a team of editors and contributors who have experience working directly with students and who recognize what is essential for academic success. Their insight informed a well-rounded collection of 10 modules that are applicable across disciplines, courses, and student services on campus:

  • Academic Integrity and Referencing
  • Academic Writing
  • Communications and Interpersonal Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Literacy
  • Diversity, Bias, and Impacting Change
  • Information Literacy
  • Personal Development and Well-Being
  • Research Skills
  • Study Strategies and Assignments

SAGE Skills: Student Success

Designed for flexibility and student engagement

SAGE Skills: Student Success offers students a flexible learning experience that allows them to progress through a full module or exploring specific skills of interest. Modules are enhanced with various multimedia elements to engage students and encourage further learning and development. Each module guides students to skill mastery via:

  • Interactive scenarios
  • Embedded data visualizations
  • Downloadable exercises and reference documents
  • Short videos  
  • Self-assessments for students to identify strengths and areas for improvement


“SAGE Skills: Student Success makes things easier as it allows students to work on their skills in their own time and to be directed to a one-stop-shop for all the relevant academic skills.”

- Alex Baratta, University of Manchester, Editor-in-Chief for the Academic Writing module