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SAGE Skills

It has never been more important for universities to deliver on the promise of improved student outcomes. The SAGE Skills suite of products is designed to support this mission by helping students develop the academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond.

This brand-new digital resource engages students with a range of media types and interactive elements, including original videos, scenarios, data, and more. SAGE Skills provides faculty and librarians a comprehensive, easy-to-use resource to support students at all levels.

To create SAGE Skills, we paired up with a large and diverse team of global experts. These scholars and practitioners brought to the project, extensive experience working with students and knowledge of the skills they need both in school and out. Our editors and contributors selected skills and topics they viewed as most relevant to students, delivering a highly practical and useful resource for today’s higher education experience and beyond.


Now live: SAGE Skills: Business

SAGE Skills

SAGE Skills: Business is our new offering of comprehensive, easy-to-use, and interactive resources to support students in gaining the skills needed to transition from campus to the modern workplace. Students can develop and practice real-world business and professional skills with this new interactive digital resource covering over 850 business skills topics across Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Organizational Communication, and Professionalism.




Launching August 2022: SAGE Skills: Student Success

SAGE Skills: Student Success

SAGE Skills: Student Success is our latest resource to help students achieve academic and personal success at college or university and beyond. Dynamic multimedia modules allow students to develop and practice foundational skills across academic writing, communication, information literacy, intercultural awareness, study strategies, and more

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