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SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods: Cases Learn from stories of real research

SAGE Research Methods Cases put research concepts into real world context. Written by researchers in the field, cases focus on how they designed their studies, including method selection and application. Users can search cases by keywords to find projects on similar topics to their own to find inspiration on the best methods to use. Because each case examines successes and struggles faced over the course of the project, users will also learn how researchers need to make constant decisions throughout the course of their study and pivot when a method or data source is not working out. With more than 2,000 cases, SAGE Research Methods Cases has a multitude of research examples from across the social science disciplines.

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Content and Features

  • Cases Part 1 includes hundreds of case studies from across the social sciences, including many cross-disciplinary projectss
  • Cases Part 2 includes 1,500 cases that provide deep dives into research in Business, Education, Health, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology
  • All cases include learning outcomes and discussion questions, optimizing them for classroom use
  • Cases can be browsed by method, discipline, or academic level


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