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With so many journal options to choose from in medicine and life sciences, sometimes it can be hard to decide the best fit for your manuscript. SAGE Path, a free-of-charge service for authors, is here to address this.

SAGE Path quickly provides expert advice on the SAGE journal that is the best fit for your manuscript based on your preferences and a SAGE Managing Editor’s knowledge of the relevant discipline and SAGE Path-participating journals in our portfolio.

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  • At present, this service is only for authors working in the fields of medicine and life sciences.
  • Of SAGE’s 400+ journals in the medical and life science fields, we currently have 175+ journals that are participating in this service and to which we are able to offer a direct transfer link.
    • List of participating journals can be found here
  • No paper is transferred to SAGE Path or to another SAGE journal without the author’s approval. The author will have the option to accept or decline the recommended service or journal. Further, the manuscript can be withdrawn at any time during the process. 

SAGE Path is a service designed for


1. Authors who submitted to another SAGE journal but were referred to us by the Editor so we can advise on alternative options.

  • Please click on the “ACCEPT TRANSFER” link in the referral email for your manuscript to be automatically sent to SAGE Path

2. Authors who would like to submit to a SAGE Journal and need advice on which journal is most suitable for their research.

3. Authors who submitted a manuscript to a non-SAGE journal but the Editor declined to publish as out of scope.


Why Use SAGE Path?


Tailored Recommendation
We ask you to provide your preferences for type of journal (i.e., open access, subscription, and/or available in specific indexing services). This allows us to recommend a journal that best fits your preferences.

Our Expert Knowledge
Each manuscript is assigned to a SAGE Managing Editor who is familiar with the discipline and our journal portfolio in that area. This enables us to best assess and advise on a suitable journal to review your manuscript.

Speed of Recommendation
We aim to provide a journal recommendation to review your article within 5 business days.

There is no charge to using SAGE Path.

Ease of Transfer
We are able to provide a direct transfer link to 150+ SAGE journals at present (70% of these are open access journals), and are continuing to add more journals. A direct transfer link enables manuscript files and reviewer comments (should such be available) to be automatically transferred to the recommended journal with your approval.


How Does it Work? 




Three easy steps

1. Submit to SAGE Path
2. Evaluation by Managing Editors
3. Option to transfer to recommended journal 



For questions or an update on the status of your manuscript, contact Umair Shafique, SAGE Path Managing Editor, at



Please note that using the SAGE Path service or following the advice of our Managing Editors in no way guarantees that your manuscript will be selected for peer review or accepted for publication. Journal editors independently assess manuscripts submitted for publication based on the quality and appropriateness of a manuscript for the journal, and their editorial evaluation will not consider whether or not a manuscript was recommended by SAGE Path.