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SAGE Geography & Urban Studies News

Welcome to the latest SAGE Geography & Urban Studies update. We’ve collected together some of our most thought provoking articles as well as new book releases, calls for papers and special issues and collections.

We will be attending RGS-IBG 2018 in Cardiff—come visit the SAGE booth to learn more about our publishing program. You can find out about our journals’ sponsored lectures by scrolling down or clicking here.

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RGS 2018 Highlights

Progress in Human Geography Lecture: Geotrauma: violence, place and recovery

  • Chair: Noel Castree, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • Author: Rachel Pain, Newcastle University, UK

Thursday 30 August 2018, Session 4 (16:50 - 18:30)

Dialogues in Human Geography plenary lecture and panel: Towards a more-than-wet ontology

  • Chair: Rob Kitchin, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland
  • Authors: Kimberley Peters, University of Liverpool, UK; Philip Steinberg, Durham University, UK

Friday 31 August 2018, Session 1 (09:00 - 10:40)


Journal News

ANR cover

New Editor for The Anthropocene Review

We are pleased to introduce Robert Costanza as the new Editor of The Anthropocene Review—Robert will start in August 2018. Publishing 3 issues a year, The Antropocene Review was recently accepted into the Web of Science, and focuses on all aspects of research pertaining to the Anthropocene.

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MRX cover

New to SAGE in 2018: International Migration Review

International Migration Review (IMR) premieres with SAGE in its 52nd volume and new research on the determinants of anti-immigrant sentiments. IMR’s sister journal, the Journal on Migration and Human Security, is also new to SAGE, exploring topics ranging from family reunification to the impact of for-profit prisons on immigrant detention.

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DHG cover

Dialogues in Human Geography Impact Factor

We are pleased to announce that Dialogues in Human Geography received its first ever IF of 10.214, making it the market leading journal in its category.

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ENE cover

The first issue of E&P: Nature and Space has been published

The first (double) issue of the newest journal from the Environment and Planning suite has been published. E&P: Nature and Space will push the ways we understand the uneven, dynamic, and often unjust intersections of nature and space with particular interest in their societal, political, and economic dimensions.

Read the inauguaral editorial here.

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Journal Special Issues & Article Collections

THR cover

Tourism and Hospitality Research: Coastal Tourism

This virtual collection brings together six articles Tourism and Hospitality Research articles which highlight, through case study and survey research, key issues in coastal areas in The Pacific, North America, northern and southern Europe and the Caribbean.

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CGJ cover

cultural geographies: celebrating 25 years

This collection brings together an array of twenty-five papers to celebrate the twenty-fifth volume of cultural geographies.

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CGJ cover

cultural geographies of Precarity

This special issue highlights the importance of a cultural geographies perspective on precarity in examining and challenging precarity as a new normal, which, in an increasingly precarious world, is a key concern for future geographical scholarship.

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EAU cover

Environment & Urbanization: Local finance for local development

This issue of Environment & Urbanization provides evidence that the conventional processes associated with access to finance often perpetuate social and economic disadvantage. Structural changes to the institutions associated with finance are needed to tackle urban poverty and lay the foundations for improved outcomes at the city and national scales.

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UAR cover

Disasters: A New Urban Affairs Review Virtual Issue

In response to recent natural disasters around the globe, urban studies scholars have looked to the pages of Urban Affairs Review (UAR) to understand the causes and consequences of these events. In a new virtual issue, UAR highlights several previously published articles that explain how citizens and governments contend with natural disasters, and how, in the words of Peter Dreier, disasters expose underlying fault lines in politics and civicl society.

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PHG cover

Progress in Human Geography: Uneven development, commodity chains and the agrarian question

There has been a long overdue revival of interest recently amongst economic and development geographers in questions of geographical uneven development. The 13 articles selected for this virtual issue illustrate that the journal provided an intellectual home to key contributions to this debate. This introduction provides an overview of key themes emerging from the articles and highlights their main scholarly contributions.

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Recommended Articles

JPL cover

Hydraulic Fracturing: A Review of Implications for Food Systems Planning by Kameshwari Pothukuchi, Melissa Arrowsmith and Natalie Lyon

JPE cover

USJ cover

Winner of Urban Studies Best Paper Article Prize

Stretching the concept of ‘borrowed size’ by Evert J Meijers and Martijn J Burger



SAGE Choice Articles

Featured Books

An Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis and Mapping

An Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis and Mapping, 2nd Edition

A new edition of the accessible and student-friendly 'how to' for anyone using R for the first time, for use in spatial statistical analysis, geocomputation and digital mapping.

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The Data Gaze

The Data Gaze: Capitalism, Power and Perception

David Beer examines contemporary capitalism through the lens of data analytics.

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Geography: History and Concepts, 5th Edition

Fully updated student introduction to geographical thought, from Arild Holt-Jensen, recipient of the SSAG 2018 Vega Gold Medal.

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Calls for Papers

JPL cover

Journal of Planning Literature: Special Issue on Urban Planning Research and Practice in China

In 2019, the Journal of Planning Literature will publish a special issue on Urban Planning Research and Practice in China. The special issue can enrich international literature, and the findings can shed light on urban policies and programs in China and other countries. Key topic areas include urban planning and design, climate change, public health, and intergenerational familial arrangements.

Deadline: September 1, 2018

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