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SAGE Catalyst

A new teaching and learning tool with SAGE’s premium textbooks

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SAGE Catalyst is a subscription product to Talis Elevate, fully loaded with over 500 of SAGE’s premium textbooks.

SAGE has a focused social science textbook publishing programme with up-to-date pedagogical content across the social sciences, including Research Methods, Business and Management, Education, Psychology, Nursing, Sociology, and more. A subscription contains the latest editions of our titles, carefully developed to meet disciplinary curriculum needs.

Talis Elevate is a new teaching and learning environment that enables student and faculty collaboration ‘within’ content. Talis Elevate is integrated into any LMS (Learning Management System)/VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), providing students with their required reading in a form that is easily accessible, encourages collaboration, and offers advanced analytics on student engagement to faculty. The result is a more active learning experience for students and stronger teaching support for the lecturer.

SAGE Catalyst further enables the instructor to add open educational resources, as well as other licensed institutional content so the package can be enhanced by the instructor, with no content modifications required.


What does Tails Elevate enable? 


Private and Shared Content Engagement


Private and Shared Content Engagement

Talis Elevate offers students their reading material in a closed-cohort classroom environment, encouraging direct engagement with the content through private and shared discussion and note-taking. Students registered on the cohort are automatically recognised and identifiable as they register comments or questions (though students can also opt to engage anonymously if they are concerned with privacy).

Multi Content Type Approach


Multi Content-Type Approach

Talis Elevate works across content types, including MS Office, Pages/Numbers/Keynote, PDF, Video/audio (direct upload or YouTube/Vimeo) and images.

Engagement Analytics


Engagement Analytics

Talis Elevate offers faculty at-a-glance, as well as deep, analytics on student engagement with content so that faculty can be informed quickly before a seminar of their student needs, interests, or query points, and so focus the seminar to achieve better learning.


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What SAGE Textbook content is included?


Sage Textbooks

Business & Management (70+ titles)            

Social Work (30+ titles)

Research Methods (60+ titles)    

Media & Communication (30+ titles)

Psychology (30+ titles)    

Sociology (30+ titles)

Sage Textbooks

Nursing (40+ titles)    

Criminology (20+ titles)

Education (90+ titles)    

Counselling & Psychotherapy (40+ titles)

Politics (20+ titles)    

Geography (20+ titles)


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       What other content is included

What other content is included?

Online teaching and learning resources developed alongside our textbooks will be made accessible to SAGE Catalyst users, to further enhance faculty teaching and student learning.

A subscription enables faculty to upload their own rights-enabled content, as well as OER content. 

Content that is copyright cleared and housed in the library can also be uploaded.

What is the price?

Pricing is on an annual subscription model, offering unlimited access to all titles across the whole university, delivered via the library. Pricing for SAGE Catalyst is based on the institution’s social science student enrolment numbers. However, the content is made accessible across the university, (i.e. including STM/Arts & Humanities students and faculty as well).


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