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Sage Ambassadors

Sage Ambassadors

Sage Research Methods MENA Ambassadors

Welcome to the Sage Research Methods MENA Ambassadors page - the hub for our dedicated advocates across the Middle East and North Africa who are driving the advancement of research excellence.

Our ambassadors are passionate scholars, librarians, and professionals who champion the transformative power of research. They play a pivotal role in amplifying the importance of robust research methods and influencing their academic and professional circles through thought-provoking dialogue and peer empowerment.


Meet our ambassadors



Dr. Alia Aleshaiwi, Ph.D., MBA, MRes

Dr. Alia Aleshaiwi holds an impressive educational background, including a Doctorate in Philosophy in Marketing from Kingston University, a Master of Business Administration from King Saud University, and a Master of Research. Since 2012, she has been a dedicated lecturer in the Business Department at Al Imam Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University, where she also served as the Head of the Business Department's Development Committees since 2022. Dr. Aleshaiwi's commitment to excellence is evident through her numerous accolades, such as the ELC Prize for Diligence and Industry from King's College London, and her significant contributions to academia, research, and societal betterment.


Mr. Khan


Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan

With over 30 years of expertise in library management, Mr. Khan serves as the Head of Library Quality and Strategic Planning and Academic Accreditation at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University. He specializes in Electronic Resource Management and DSpace, and is known for delivering numerous guest lectures. He launched his career at the College of Nursing in Pakistan in 1992 before transitioning to Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University (IAU), Saudi Arabia, in 2011. Mr Khan has a master's in Library Science from University of the Punjab and a Postgraduate diploma in Information Technology from Allama Iqbal Open University.

Publications with Sage:

Past, present and future of FinTech research: A bibliometric analysis |Library and information science research in Pakistan: A bibliometric analysis, 1957–2018 |Volunteer endeavors to promote ICT in a developing country: The case of the Pakistan Library Automation Group |An investigation of emerging COVID-19 research trends and future implications for LIS field: A bibliometric mapping and visualization |A mapping review of literature on Blockchain usage by libraries: Challenges and opportunities |Professional networking with emailing groups: A case of Pakistan Library Automation Group




Mr. Mohammad Ghali Mubarak

Mr. Mubarak, with over twenty years of experience in the library industry, showcases expertise in Electronic Resources, Digital Literacy, Digital Publishing, and Information Science. Currently serving as the Director of Library and Information Services at the University of Bahrain, he approaches his role with passion and dedication. Mr. Mubarak's notable achievements include being a member of the OCLC EMEA Regional Council and establishing the ER&L Middle East Chapter. He has also served on the advisory boards for reputable publishers such as Springer Nature, IEEE, and ProQuest. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Library and Information Science from Imam Mohamed Ibn Suad University, Mr. Mubarak demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and improvement in writing and related areas.

Our Ambassadors' Mission

The Sage Research Methods MENA Ambassadors utilize their expertise and networks to:

  • Spread Awareness: They illuminate the features and benefits of Sage Research Methods within their scholarly and professional spaces, helping others understand how these tools can significantly enhance their research journey.

  • Inspire Excellence: By showcasing real-world applications and success stories, they inspire peers and students to achieve research excellence.

  • Foster Community Engagement: They create meaningful conversations surrounding research methodology and provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of scholarly inquiry.

Explore Sage Research Methods

For anyone involved in research—from students embarking on their first projects to seasoned scholars—Sage Research Methods offers an unparalleled repository of knowledge. So whether you're crafting a questionnaire or compiling a literature review, you have access to a wealth of resources tailored to your needs.

An Invitation to Academic Excellence

Faculty members, librarians, and end users—are you ready to embark on your next academic endeavor? The commencement of the Sage Research Methods MENA Ambassadors program marks a new chapter in research potential.

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