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Rethinking Learning: What Counts as Learning and What Learning Counts

Rethinking Learning: What Counts as Learning and What Learning Counts

Edited by:
  • Judith Green - University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Allan Luke - Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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March 2006 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The rapid transformations of social, economic, and cultural worlds of learners in school and nonschool settings that we are facing today are reminiscent of the transformations that accompanied the industrial revolution at the turn of the 20th century. Like those at the turn of the 20th century, education researchers and their constituencies (e.g., students, teachers, community members, and policy makers) are faced with a series of questions: How are we to respond to the educational challenges of this new millennium? How do we engage with new forms of learning, the influence of new media on children's lives, changing community dynamics, and many long-standing and tenacious educational and social problems? And how can research and theory constructively and critically engage with the demands and imperatives of government educational and social policies?

In this book, the editors bring together an intergenerational group of researchers who represent both new and long-standing perspectives and debates on the shapes, definitions, and processes of learning in the context of global cultural and economic change.

Judith Green and Allan Luke
Introduction: Rethinking Learning: What Counts as Learning and What Learning Counts
Michael J. Ford and Ellice A. Forman
Chapter 1: Redefining Disciplinary Learning in Classroom Contexts
Olga A. Vásquez
Chapter 2: Cross-National Explorations of Sociocultural Research on Learning
Alfredo J. Artiles, Elizabeth B. Kozleski, Sherman Dorn, and Carol Christensen
Chapter 3: Learning in Inclusive Education Research: Re-mediating Theory and Methods With a Transformative Agenda
Pamela A. Moss, Brian J. Girard, and Laura C. Haniford
Chapter 4: Validity in Educational Assessment
Jean-Yves Rochex
Chapter 5: Social, Methodological, and Theoretical Issues Regarding Assessment: Lessons From a Secondary Analysis of PISA 2000 Literacy Tests
Wan Shun Eva Lam
Chapter 6: Culture and Learning in the Context of Globalization: Research Directions
Jennifer A. Vadeboncoeur
Chapter 7: Engaging Young People: Learning in Informal Contexts
Julian Sefton-Green
Chapter 8: Youth, Technology, and Media Cultures

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