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Researching Young People

Researching Young People

Three Volume Set
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February 2011 | 1 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The social sciences have consistently sought ways of engaging with young people; as a field of study 'youth studies' has always been multidisciplinary - drawing on theoretical perspectives, empirical concerns and methodological frameworks from sociology, social policy, education, psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, gender studies, childhood studies, social work, criminology and health studies. This had resulted in a wide-ranging but often disparate body of work, and to a research field that has, by its very nature, drawn on a wide variety of research tools and techniques. This diversity and richness means important theoretical, substantive and methodological contributions to the study of young people are found in mainstream journals across the disciplines.

This collection brings together key contributions to the social scientific study of young people's lives and experiences. It addresses the methodological and empirical challenges of undertaking research with and about young people; and provides opportunities to compare the data, analyses and theoretical contribution of different methodological approaches. The overarching theme of the collection is methodological - exemplifying the different ways of engaging with young people as a field of study.

The Limits of Liminality: Capacities for change and transition among student travellers

V. Amit
Journeys to the Street: The complex migration geographies of Ugandan street children

Lorraine Young
Moving in Transition: Northern Ireland youth and geographical mobility

David Cairns
Performing the Global through the Local: Globalisation and individualisation in the spatial practices of young East Germans

Katharin Hörschelmann and Nadine Schäfer
Place Mapping with Teenagers: Locating their territories and documenting their experience of the public realm

Penny Travlou, Patsy Eubanks Owens, Catherine Ward Thompson and Lorraine Maxwell
Moving Stories: Using mobile methods to explore the everyday lives of young people in public care

Nicola Ross, Emma Renold, Sally Holland and Alexandra Hillman
Talk, Technologies and Teenagers: Understanding the school journey using a mixed-methods approach

Marion Walker, Duncan Whyatt, Colin Pooley, Gemma Davies, Paul Coulton and Will Bamford
Critical Moments: Choice, chance and opportunity in young people's narratives of transition

Rachel Thomson, Robert Bell, Janet Holland, Sheila Henderson, Sheena McGrellis and Sue Sharpe
Theory and Method in the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime

David Smith and Susan McVie
Fractured Transitions: Young adults' pathways into contemporary labour markets

Harriet Bradley and Ranji Devadason
Missing School: Educational engagement, youth transitions, and social exclusion

Robert Macdonald and Jane Marsh
Displaced Masculinities: Chavs, youth and class in the post-industrial city

Anoop Nayak
The Secret of Eternal Youth: Identity, risk and learning difficulties

Stephen Baron, Sheila Riddell and Alastair Wilson
Emotional Journeys: Young people and transitions to university

Hazel Christie
Futures and Memories
Young People's Time Perspectives: From youth to adulthood

Julia Brannen and Ann Nilsen
Timespans and Plans Among Young Adults

Michael Anderson, Frank Bechhofer, David McCrone, Lynn Jamieson, Yaojun Li and Robert Stewart
To Plan or Not to Plan? Young Adult Future Orientations in Two European Cities

Ranji Devadason
Family Contexts, Norms and Young People's Orientations: Researching diversity

Sarah Irwin
From Ethnography to Life History: Tracing transitions of school students

Tuula Gordon and Elina Lahelma
Children's Life Paths through Preschool and School: Letting youths talk about their own childhood - theoretical and methodological conclusions

Tullie Torstenson-ed
The Best Years of Your Life: Remembering childhood in autobiographical texts

Naomi Rosh White
Young People Mobilizing the Language of Citizenship: Struggles for classification and new meaning in an uncertain world

Jacqueline Kennelly and Jo-Anne Dillabough
Young People's Extra-Curricular Activities: Critical social engagement or something for the CV?

Rachel Brooks
Learning Selves and Citizenship: Gender and youth transitions

Tom Hall and Amanda Coffey
Beyond Apathetic or Activist Youth: 'Ordinary' young people and contemporary forms of participation

Anita Harris, Johanna Wyn and Salem Younes
In Preparation for Adulthood: Exploring civic participation and social trust among young minorities

Diann Cameron Kelly
Anti-Party Sentiment among Young Adults: Evidence from fourteen West European countries

Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen
The Online Citizen-Consumer: Addressing young people's political consumption through technology

Janelle Ward
Work and Welfare
Social Exclusion and the Transition from School to Work: The case of young people not in education, employment or training

John Bynner and Samantha Parsons
''I'm Still Scrubbing the Floors': Experiencing youth apprenticeships in Canada and Germany

Wolfgang Lehmann
Kids Working on Paulista Avenue

Martha Huggins and Sandra Rodrigues
Caregiver or Worker: Young women's contradictory experiences of provisioning

Sandra Tam
'We Had to be There to Make Sure it was What We Wanted': Enabling children's participation in family decision-making through the family group conference

Sally Holland and Sean O'Neill
Rural Runaways: Rurality and its implications for services to children and young people who run away

Myfanwy Franks and Haridhan Goswami
Out of Work and House and Home: Contested youth in an English homeless hostel

Tom Hall
Research Participation
Involving Young People as Researchers: Uncovering multiple power relations among youths

Nadine Schäfer and Richard Yarwood
Stirring Dangerous Waters: Dilemmas for critical participatory research with young people

Audrey Dentith, Lynda Measor and Michael O'Malley
Hearing out Children's Narrative Pathways to Adulthood: Young people as interpreters of their own childhoods in diverging working-class Scottish communities

Beth Cross
Young People's Constructions of Self: Notes on the Use and Analysis of the Photo-Elicitation Methods

Rosaleen Croghan, Christine Griffin, Janine Hunter and Ann Phoenix
Beyond the Standard Interview: The use of graphic elicitation and arts-based methods

Anna Bagnoli
Tuning-in to Teenagers! Using radio phone-in discussions in research with young people

Susie Weller
Structures and Style
'How Other People See You, It's Like Nothing That's Inside': The impact of processes of disidentification and disavowal on young people's subjectivities

Gill Valentine and Deborah Sporton
'Ivory Lives': economic restructuring and the making of whiteness in a post-industrial youth community

Anoop Nayak
Growing Up Bad: Black youth, 'road' culture and badness in an East London neighbourhood

Anthony Gunter
From the Margins to Mainstream? Representations of British Asian youth musical cultural expression from bhangra to Asian underground music

Rupa Huq
Subculture, Style, Chavs and Consumer Capitalism: Towards a critical cultural criminology of youth

Greg Martin
'University's not For Me - I'm A Nike Person': Urban, working-class young people's negotiations of 'style'

Louise Archer, Sumi Hollingworth and Anna Halsall
Middle-Class Struggle? Identity?work and leisure among sixth formers in the United Kingdom

Mary Jane Kehily and Rob Pattman
Bodies and Risk
Bodies on the Line: Identity markers among Mexican street youth

Elsa Herrera, Gareth Jones, Sarah Thomas de Benitez
Girl Power: Risky sexual behaviour and gender identity amongst young Spanish recreational drug users

Nuria Romo, Jorge Marcos, Ainhoa Rodriguez, Andrés Cabrera and Mariano Hernán
Challenging Childhoods: Young people's accounts of 'getting by' in families with substance abuse problems

Kathryn Backett-Milburn, Sarah Wilson, Angus Bancroft and Sarah Cunningham-Burley
When Alcohol Acts: An actor-network approach to teenagers, alcohol and parties

Jakob Demant
'Not the Swab!' Young men's experiences of STI testing

Jean Shoveller, Rod Knight, Joy Johnson, John Oliffe and Shira Goldenberg
Diets and Discipline: The narratives of practice of university students with type 1 diabetes

Myles Balfe
Local Embeddedness in a Global World: Young people's accounts

Pat O'Connor
The Unacceptable Flaneur

Hugh Matthews, Mark Taylor, Barry Percy-Smith and Melanie Limb
Risky Bodies at Leisure: Young women negotiating space and place

Eileen Green and Carrie Singleton
Doing Consumption and Sitting Cars: Adolescent bodies in suburban commercial spaces

Yuki Kato
Feeling the Noise: Teenagers, bedrooms and music

Sian Lincoln
Online Journals as Virtual Bedrooms? Young people, identity and personal space

Paul Hodkinson and Sian Lincoln
The Difference That Place Makes To Methodology: Uncovering the 'lived space' of young people's spatial practices

Jon Anderson and Katie Jones