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Researching Special and Inclusive Education

Researching Special and Inclusive Education

November 2022 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Researching in special and inclusive education can be challenging due to the frequent difficulties in eliciting the views of individuals identified with SEND. This book will give students the confidence to be creative, flexible, and innovative when it comes to planning research, particularly with children and young people within special and inclusive education.

Students will be guided through each step of the research process, from the development of a research question to ethical considerations, methodologies and data analysis, before being led through the many practical issues that need to be considered when planning, executing and writing up research in this field, including good research practices, solutions to possible dilemmas and adapting methods appropriately.

Kerry Vincent is a Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Helen Benstead is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, and Programme Leader of the MA Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion at the University of Sunderland.

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Perspectives in research: Understanding the ‘ologies’
Chapter 3 Getting started: Developing a research study in special and inclusive education
Chapter 4 Ethical considerations when researching special and inclusive education
Chapter 5 Reviewing the literature in special and inclusive education
Chapter 6 Common methodological approaches in special and inclusive education
Chapter 7 Listening: Collecting data using interviews and questionnaires
Chapter 8 Looking: Collecting data using observation
Chapter 9 Adapting methodology to special and inclusive education
Chapter 10 Managing, analysing and presenting data
Chapter 11 Moving forward

This is a useful book for students to understand both the research process in an inclusive context, and also considerations to undertaking research with SEND participants.

Ms Kay Kempers
Education, Leeds Beckett University
April 5, 2024

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