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Researching Social Gerontology

Researching Social Gerontology
Concepts, Methods and Issues

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September 1990 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This accessible introduction to key concepts, methods and issues in social gerontological research presents a unique view of the research process by focusing on the relationships between conceptual definition and research methodology and between research, policy and practice.

At a theoretical level, the text draws on the core gerontological concepts of age, dependency, social support and quality of life to illustrate their complexity, and the difficulties of measurement. On a practical level, the contributors present a number of methodological approaches which have been particularly useful in social gerontological research. Finally, they consider three critical issues: whether old people require special ethical consideration; the prospects for funding; and the importance of disseminating research effectively. Researching Social Gerontology has been specially commissioned by the British Society for Gerontology to outline current thinking in conceptual and methodological development, and the context in which gerontological research is being carried out. As such it will prove stimulating and useful for researchers at all levels, practitioners, policy-makers and those with a more general interest in the ageing process.

Bill Bytheway
David Wilkin
Hazel Qureshi
Social Support
Beverley Hughes
Quality of Life
Graham Fennell
Whom to Study? Defining the Problem
David Challis and Robin Darton
Evaluation Research and Experiment in Social Gerontology
Eileen Fairhurst
Doing Ethnography in a Geriatric Unit
Leonie Kellaher, Sheila Peace and Dianne Willcocks
Triangulating Data
Michael Bury and Anthea Holme
Researching Very Old People
Brian Gearing and Tim Dant
Doing Biographical Research
Alan Butler
Research Ethics and Older People
Margot Jefferys
The Funding of Social Gerontological Research
Avril Osborn and Dianne Willcocks
Making Research Useful and Usable

`will be of value to all who have a concern with the ageing process' - Journal of the Institute of Health Education

`(a) highly interesting collection of essays... Given the desire to reach as wide a multi-disciplinary audience as possible it is commendably free of gratuitous jargon... intelligent reading and everyone, even someone with a limited knowledge of the field, will find it helpful... This volume contains a formidable amount of information and deserves to be made widely available (not only in libraries and institutions concerned with social gerontology) for its contents have relevance for a wide range of research interests. This volume demonstrates quite vividly that the study of ageing should not be seen as a minority interest having an important, but limited, place among the wider issues of social science. It shows that all the concerns of social investigation are present in the multi-disciplinary field and that the rigour required of research on ageing is no less demanding than that found in other more popular and more generously funded areas of social science... I hope that the British Society of Gerontology will not consider this a `one-off' but will plan to have a further edition in due course or commission other volumes adding to the excellent work contained here' - Journal of Educational Gerontology

`The editor and authors have succeeded in putting their studies, which in many cases are well-known, in a new perspective, making them worthwhile to colleagues.... this is a useful book.' - Age and Ageing

`Every contemporary social gerontologist will want these two books to hand.' - Social Policy and Administration

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