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Researching Information Systems and Computing

Researching Information Systems and Computing

First Edition

December 2005 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With everything readers need to know about how to execute their research project, this book is written specifically for information systems (IS) and computing students. It introduces key quantitative and qualitative research methods, makes sense of underlying philosophies, and helps readers navigate and assess existing academic papers. Special features support students as they bridge the gap between theory and practice. These include:

- research examples from the IS and computing disciplines;

- suggestions on how to build internet research into each method mentioned;

- an explanation of how knowledge is created, drawing an analogy between this and the creation of software systems

Throughout, readers are supported by pedagogical features such as learning objectives, explanations, discussion questions, evaluation guides and further reading.

The Purpose and Products of Research
Overview of the Research Process
Internet Research
Participants and Research Ethics
Reviewing the Literature
Design and Creation
Case Studies
Action Research
Quantitative Data Analysis
Qualitative Data Analysis
Philosophical Paradigms

Alternative Philosophical Paradigms
Presentation of the Research
Final Words

Great book for computer science research. A little basic in places but is highly recommended as an introductory resource.

Miss Anita Finnegan
Department of Computing, Dundalk Institute of Technology
August 27, 2015

I use this book in my course in empirical research methods in computer science and information systems. The book is very well written, easy to understand and comprehensive. Very satisfied.

Dr Babak Farshchian
Dept of Computer and Info Science, Norwegian University of Science & Tech
April 18, 2015

One of the few computing-specific methodology books. The book is rather IS-oriented than computing in general.

Dr Matti Tedre
Computer & Systems Sciences, Stockholm University
September 15, 2013

A marvelous book to teach students in the field of Information Systems and even helpful for research.

Professor Ruediger Breitschwerdt
Informationsmanagement & Wirtschaftsinformatik, University of Osnabruck
June 18, 2013

This is an excellent book. It has been adopted for the entire 2nd year of the degree. I'm teaching one of the pathway classes and I'm extremely impressed with the material and how it has been put together. It is excellent for the 2nd years but in fact more academically mature students could benefit from it too. We're hoping that it will see our 2nd year through their project next year. I'm sure it can support them. I can recommend it most highly.

Thank you for sending it so quickly!

Dr Xristine Faulkner
Informatics, London South Bank University
February 13, 2013

I like this text very much as it has a nice balance between the practical advice students need and the theoretical underpinning that, ideally, they should be engaging with.
Weakest chapter for me is the one on Qualitative Data Analysis - I think much more time is required to make real sense of this topic.

Daune West
Computing (Paisley), University of the West of Scotland
October 15, 2012

Very good material, especially for IT students who are preparing to undertake research.

Mr Thomas Henaku
Informatics, Ghana Telecom University College
July 21, 2012

Excellent book. Book guides students in choosing a research topic, investigating using appropriate methods and presenting findings.

Mr Gilbert Regan
mathematics and computing, Dundalk Institute of Technology
July 5, 2012

The book is a good starting point to give students an overview of several research methods in the IS discipline. For a more detailed view on each method further research has to be conducted. The chapter "Reviewing the literature" for example summarizes the literature review, but it does not cover the "systematic literature review".

Mr Marc Walterbusch
Accounting and Information Systems, University of Osnabruck
June 18, 2012

A good, clear informative text for the subject focused on the area which will be of great assistance to the students.

Mr Richard Jones
Dept of Education, Teaching & Learning, Bucks New University
April 19, 2012

Sample Materials & Chapters

PDF file for chapter one

PDF file for intro