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Social media for academics

Why is it important to merge academic practice and social media?





Sierra Williams, Communications Manager, Open Knowledge International

Academics are already using social media at every stage of the research lifecycle - from finding inspiration, gathering data and insights, communicating with peers, and creating meaningful impact.

Sierra Williams is co-author of Communicating Your Research With Social Media and contributor to SAGE Research Methods Video



Communicating Your Research with Social Media (April 2017)
Amy Mollett, Cheryl Brumley, Chris Gilson, Sierra Williams

This dynamic, engaging guide empowers you to go beyond bar charts and jargon-filled journal articles to bring your research online and present it in a way that highlights and maximises its relevance through social media.

Drawing upon a wealth of timely, real-world examples, the authors present a framework for fully incorporating social media within each step of the research process. From visualising available data to tailoring social media to meet your needs, this book explores proactive ways to share cutting edge research. It is a complete ‘how to’ for communicating research through blogs, podcasts, data visualisations, and video.




Social Media for Academics, 2nd Ed. (Oct 2019)
Mark Carrigan

This practical book provides clear guidance on effectively and intelligently using social media for academic purposes across disciplines, from publicising your work and building networks to engaging the public with your research. Explore a free toolkit of resources from Mark Carrigan, including videos, podcasts, blog posts and more.

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How to be effective in research, writing and teaching

Happy Academic


Want to be an effective, successful and happy academic?  This book helps you hone your skills, showcase your strengths, and manage all the professional aspects of academic life.  With their focus on life-long learning and positive reflection, Alex and Bailey encourage you to focus on your own behaviours and personal challenges and help you to find real world solutions to your problems or concerns.

Meet the authors to find out more about their secrets and their motivations behind their working life.




Success in Research

Guidebooks for essential academic skills



Professor Pam Denicolo, one of the
Founding Editors of the Success in

about the editor

Eds. Pam Denicolo, Dawn Duke, Julie Reeves, Alison Yeung Yam Wah

The Success in Research series provides early career researchers and PhD students the tools to thrive from the beginning of your academic career, and covers both the teaching-driven and research-driven areas of the academic journey. These valuable companions provide guidance on how to support your doctoral students through effective supervision, and how to offer advice during the assessment process, as well as tips on mentorship for your peers and junior colleagues. Fundamentally the editors show how strategic collaboration, publishing your work, and winning research funding can be immensely empowering.

Discover six new titles in the series, publishing December 2019:

  • Supervising to Inspire Doctoral Researchers
  • Delivering Inspiring Doctoral Assessment
  • Inspiring Collaboration and Engagement
  • Navigating Research Funding with Confidence
  • Publishing for Impact
  • Mentoring to Empower Researchers - read a free introductory chapter.