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Relationship Counselling for Children, Young People and Families

Relationship Counselling for Children, Young People and Families

December 2008 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"If you need one book that's crammed with clinically excellent, genuinely well informed and useful ideas for working with family relationships in all their permutations, this is undoubtedly it" - Professor Colin Feltham, Sheffield Hallam University

"This is easy to read and has a clear layout. Counselling MSc students may find it an interesting introduction to the topic" -

Times Higher Education Magazine, May 2009

This book is a practical skills-based introduction to relationship counselling. It covers couple counselling for parents, whole-family counselling and counselling for children and young people with regard to their relationships with siblings, peers and parents. The text also includes:

o an introduction to relationship counselling theory and concepts

o discussion of the importance of relying on a clearly defined theory of change

o ways to address parenting issues

o an exploration of confidentiality, disclosing inappropriate behaviour and personal safety.

Kathryn Geldard and David Geldard present an integrative model of relationship counselling which combines skills and strategies from a number of approaches. Their practical guide integrates individual and subgroup counselling with whole-family counselling, providing much-needed material on methods and approaches for communicating with children and young people.

The book will be invaluable to new relationship counsellors learning the skills required in order to bring about change, and will be a useful reference book for experienced counsellors.

PART ONE: Overview of Relationship Counselling
Established Models of Relationship Counselling
The CACHO Model of Integrative Relationship Counselling
Use of a Co-Therapist and/or Reflecting Team
Relationship Counselling Skills
PART TWO: Relationship Counselling for the Family
The Family
Family Interactions
The Initial Contact with a Family Before Counselling Begins
Helping the Family to Communicate In the First Session
Raising The Family’s Awareness of Family Dynamics
Integrating Individual Counselling With Whole Family Work
PART THREE: Relationship Counselling for the Child
Helping the Child Talk about Their Relationships
Exploring The Child’s Relationships with Parents and Siblings
Addressing The Child’s Relationships with Parents and Siblings
Addressing The Child’s Relationships with Peers, Teachers and Other Adults
PART FOUR: Relationship Counselling for Young People
Helping Young People to Talk About Their Relationships
Attending to the Young Person’s Relationships within the Family
Focusing on the Young Person’s Relationships with Peers
Addressing The Young Person’s Relationships with Teachers, Employers and Other Adults
PART FIVE: Relationship Counselling for Parents
Helping Parents Address Their Relationship Issues
Enabling Parents to Address Parenting Problems and Differences
Addressing Parenting Issues in the Blended Family

This book is informative, especially if you have no previous experience of working with children. I have found the Geldard books always offer good sound grounding to working therapeutically with children.

Ms Annetta Bowden
Counselor Education , Canterbury College
November 13, 2009

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