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Relational Responsibility

Relational Responsibility
Resources for Sustainable Dialogue

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Interpersonal Communication

December 1998 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Questioning the tradition of individual responsibility, this pioneering book also transforms the concept of responsibility by giving centre stage to the relational process rather than to the individual - replacing alienation and isolation with meaningful dialogue.

The first three chapters are the editors' own contribution on relational responsibility - followed by their analysis of a challenging case study involving the issue of child sexual abuse. The next 14 chapters contain responses from leading academics and professionals in the fields of communication, psychology and organizational development, which extend the editors' original dialogue. In conclusion, Sheila McNamee and Kenneth Gergen illustrate relational responsibility by taking the responses as suggestions for extending, redirecting and augmenting the original concept and practice of relational responsibility.

Sheila McNamee and Kenneth J Gergen
Situating the Conversation

An Invitation to Relational Responsibility
Relational Responsibility in Practice
A Case in Point
David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney
When Stories Have Wings
How Relational Responsibility Opens New Options for Action

Harlene Anderson
Collaborative Learning Communities
Ian Burkitt
Relational Moves and Generative Dances
John W Lannamann
On Being Relational in an Accountable Way
The Questions of Agency and Power

Sallyann Roth
The Uncertain Path to Dialogue
A Meditation

Mary Gergen
Relational Responsibility
Deconstructive Possibilities

Stanley Deetz and William J White
Relational Responsibility or Dialogic Ethics? A Questioning of McNamee and Gergen
Michael J Mazanec and Steve Duck
Responding and Relating
Response-Ability to Individuals, Relating and Difference

Karl Tomm
Co-Constructing Responsibility
Eero Riikonen
Inspiring Dialogues and Relational Responsibility
John Shotter and Arlene M Katz
Creating Relational Realities
Responsible Responding to Poetic `Movements' and `Moments'

Robert Cottor and Sharon Cottor
Relational Inquiry and Relational Responsibility
The Practice of Change

Peggy Penn and Marilyn Frankfurt
A Circle of Voices
Walter Eggers
`Just Like Max'
Learning in Relation

Maurizio Marzari
Waiting for the Author
Sheila McNamee and Kenneth J Gergen
Relational Responsibility
The Converging Conversation


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