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Rediscovering Grounded Theory

Rediscovering Grounded Theory

November 2013 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Rediscovering Grounded Theory is a bold re-evaluation of the origins of grounded theory, a philosophical clarification of its key ideas and a presentation of the most effective way to use its techniques in your research.

It answers questions such as 'What should grounded theory look like?', 'How do I recognise grounded theory?' and 'How do I produce good grounded theory?' by returning to the original ideas as they were presented by Glaser and Strauss.

Sharp, clear and thought-provoking, the book includes:

- Detailed analysis of the current literature

- Exemplar sections filled with detailed, real world examples and applications

- A detailed glossary

It will provide you with a grasp of what a grounded theory should look like, take you through the process of building a grounded theory and then explain best practice for critically evaluating the quality of grounded theory research.

What kind of theory is grounded theory?
Constructivism in Grounded Theory
Disentangling Concepts & Categories in Grounded Theory
Coding in Grounded Theory
How to Develop Theoretical Sensitivity
Rediscovering Skills for Theoretical Sampling
Theoretical Pacing and the Process of Doing Grounded Theory
Rediscovering Coding in Grounded Theory
Thinking Theoretically and Writing Memos in Grounded Theory
Theoretical Integration and Sorting in Grounded Theory
Integrating, Challenging and Contributing to the Literature
Understanding How to Write Theoretically
Rediscovering Formal Theory
Rediscovering Grounded Theory: Back to the Future

A helpful bland of theory and practical application.

Professor Ruth Northway
School of Care Sciences, Glamorgan University
April 8, 2014

Excellent book. I found it very useful to explain the main motive to retrieve Grounded Theory methodology in order to do research.

Professor Alexandro Nahón
Departament de Teoria i Historia de l'Educació, Universitat de Barcelona
February 21, 2014

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Chapter One: Introduction

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