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Recognition and Difference

Recognition and Difference
Politics, Identity, Multiculture

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July 2002 | 282 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Are there any cultural universals left? Does multiculturalism inevitably involve a slide into moral relativism? This timely and insightful book examines questions of politics and identity in the age of multicultures. It draws together the contribution of outstanding contributors such as Fraser, Honneth, O'Neill, Bauman, Lister, Gilroy and De Swann to explore how difference and multiculturalism take on the arguments of universalist humanism. The approach taken derives from the traditions of cultural sociology and cultural studies rather than political science and philosophy.

The book takes seriously the argument that the social bond and recognition are in danger through globalization and deterritorialization. It is a major contribution to the emerging debate on the form of post-national forms of civil society.

Scott Lash and Mike Featherstone
Recognition and Difference
Politics, Identity, Multiculture  
Nancy Fraser
Recognition without Ethics?
Axel Honneth
Recognition or Redistribution?
Changing Perspectives on the Moral Order of Society  
Majid Yar
Recognition and the Politics of Human(e) Desire
John O'Neill
Oh, My Others! There Is No Other
Capital Culture, Class and Other-Wiseness  
Ruth Lister
Towards a Citizen's Welfare State
The 3 + 2 `R's of Welfare Reform  
Sylvia Walby
From Community to Coalition
The Politics of Recognition as the Handmaiden of the Politics of Equality in an Era of Globalization  
Zygmunt Bauman
The Great War of Recognition
Paul Gilroy
Joined-Up Politics and Post-Colonial Melancholia
Francoise Vergès
Vertigo and Emancipation
Creole Cosmopolitanism and Cultural Politics  
Boaventura de Sousa Santos
Nuestra America
Reinventing a Subaltern Paradigm of Recognition and Redistribution  
Jan Nederveen Pieterse
Hybridity, So What?
The Anti-Hybridity Backlash and the Riddles of Recognition  
Sallie Westwood
Complex Choreography
Poliltcs and Regimes of Recognition  
Abram De Swaan
Dyscivilization, Mass Extermination and the State

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