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Questioning Gender

Questioning Gender
A Sociological Exploration

Fifth Edition

October 2023 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Questioning Gender: A Sociological Exploration aims to spark productive conversations and questions about gender and serve as a resource for exploring answers to many of those questions. Rather than providing definitive answers, this book aims to challenge students’ preconceptions about gender and demonstrate how gender as a system creates and reinforces inequality. Taking a global approach, author Robyn Ryle uses both historical and cross-cultural approaches to help students understand the socially constructed nature of gender. Through examining contemporary topics, including the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment in the workplace, and the gender wage gap, students will be prompted to think critically about past, present, and future gender-related issues.

The Fifth Edition has been updated with expanded coverage of disability as it relates to gender, discussion of issues related to transgender and nonbinary people, and examination of the COVID-19 pandemic's gender-related effects, as well as updated data throughout.
Part I What Are the Important Questions to Ask About Gender?
Chapter 1 What Is Gender and Why Should We Care About It? Introducing Gender
Chapter 2 What’s the “Sociology” in the Sociology of Gender? Understanding Sociology and Gender
Chapter 3 How Do Disciplines Outside Sociology Study Gender? Some Additional Theoretical Approaches
Part II How Are Our Lives Filled With Gender?
Chapter 4 How Do We Learn Gender? Gender and Socialization
Chapter 5 How Does Gender Matter for Whom We Want and Desire? The Gender of Sexuality
Chapter 6 How Does Gender Impact the People You Spend Your Time With? The Gender of Friendship and Dating
Chapter 7 How Does Gender Matter for How We Think About Our Bodies? The Gender of Bodies and Health
Part III How Is Gender an Important Part of the Way Our Society Works?
Chapter 8 How Does Gender Impact the People We Live Our Lives With? The Gender of Marriage and Families
Chapter 9 How Does Gender Affect the Type of Work We Do and the Rewards We Receive for Our Work? The Gender of Work
Chapter 10 How Does Gender Affect What You Watch, What You Read, and What You Play? The Gender of Media and Popular Culture
Chapter 11 How Does Gender Help Determine Who Has Power and Who Doesn’t? The Gender of Politics and Power


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I've used all of the previous editions, and I like this text.

Dr Matthew Vos
Sociology, Covenant College
May 9, 2024

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