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Purdah to Piccadilly

Purdah to Piccadilly
A Muslim Woman’s Struggle for Identity

  • Zarina Bhatty - Former President of the Indian Association for Women’s Studies (IAWS), New Delhi

March 2018 | 220 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Tracing the life of Zarina Bhatty, a Muslim woman born and brought up in pre-Partition India, this memoir narrates the experiences of a woman who strove to break out of the stereotypical roles imposed by the society of her times. It chronicles her life over 80 years, portraying the political and social conditions of undivided and post-Independence India. Zarina’s story is a story of grit, perseverance and determination to battle against all odds —a story that was waiting to be told.


The Background
Introducing the Family
Ancestral Homes
School and Burka
Exposure to the Freedom Movement
India to England
Ups and Downs
Experiencing the Communist Regime
Return to India
Destiny Plays a Hand
Awakening to Feminism
Joining USAID
Women’s Movement in India
And Life Goes On

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