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Public Sector Reform

Public Sector Reform
Rationale, Trends and Problems

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December 1997 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Deregulation, privatization and marketization have become the bywords for the reforms and debates surrounding the public sector. This major book is unique in its comparative analysis of the reform experience in Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Leading experts identify a number of key factors to systematically explain the similarities and differences, map common problems and together reflect on the future shape of the public sector, exploring significant themes in a lively and accessible way.

Jan-Erik Lane
John Halligan
New Public Sector Models
Reform in Australia and New Zealand

Evert A Lindquist
The Bewildering Pace of Public Sector Reform in Canada
Ira Denkhaus and Volker Scheider
The Privatization of Infrastructures in Germany
Joachim Jens Hesse
Re-Building the State
Public Sector Reform in Central and Eastern Europe

Michael J Goldsmith and Edward C Page
Farewell to the British State?
Walter J M Kickert
Anglo-Saxon Public Management and European Governance
The Case of Dutch Administrative Reforms

Jan-Erik Lane
Public Sector Reform in the Nordic Countries
Thierry Postif
Public Sector Reform in France
Gerry Stoker
Local Government in Britain after Thatcher
Bernard Steunenberg and Nico Mol
Fiscal and Financial Decentralization
A Comparative Analysis of Six West European Countries

Carles Boix
Searching for Competitiveness
The Role of the Spanish Public Sector in the 1980s and 1990s

Jan-Erik Lane
Incorporation as Public Sector Reform

`A most useful comparative text of national case studies covering reform in a wide variety of different nation settings' - International Journal of Public-Private Partnerships

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