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Public Health

Public Health

Four Volume Set
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December 2016 | 1 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Public Health is a vast academic field covering a wide spectrum of disciplines from specific public health courses for those specialising in public health careers / research, to qualifying and post-qualifying training for nurses, doctors and other health professionals.

Taking a thematic approach, this four volume collection presents the essential articles on:

Theories and policies in public health
Environmental public health
Ecological and systems approaches
International contexts

The Major Work takes a comparative approach, looking both historically and internationally at this very important subject area. 
Part One: Overarching International Declarations on Public Health
Declaration of Alma-Ata

World Health Organization (1978)
The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

World Health Organization (1986)
Beijing Declaration at the Fourth World Conference on Women

The United Nations (1995)
Transforming Our World: Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030

The United Nations (2016)
Part Two: Global Health and Global Governance
Action on Global Health: Addressing Global Health Governance Challenges

Ilona Kickbusch
Global Health Inequalities: An International Comparison

J.P. Ruger and H.-J. Kim
Stigmatized Ethnicity, Public Health, and Globalization

S. Harris Ali
Mental Disorders, Health Inequalities and Ethics: A Global Perspective

Emmanuel M. Ngui, Lincoln Khasakhala, David Ndetei and Laura Weiss Roberts
The 2006 Hugh Rodman Leavell Lecture: “Globalization, Poverty and Health”

Paulo Marchiori Buss
Placing Gender at the Centre of Health Programming: Challenges and Limitations

Carol Vlassoff and Claudia Garcia Moreno
Part Three: Equity and Inequality
Deprivation and Health

Douglas Black
Development as Capability Expansion

Amartya Sen
Capitals and Capabilities: Linking Structure and Agency to Reduce Health Inequalities

Thomas Abel and Katherine L. Frohlich
Equity and Equality in Health and Health Care

A.J. Culyer and Adam Wagstaff
Social Determinants of Health Inequalities

Michael Marmot
Income Inequality and Population Health: A Review and Explanation of the Evidence

Richard G. Wilkinson and Kate E. Pickett
Inequalities in Health: Some International Comparisons

Julian Le Grand
Health Inequalities and Welfare State Regimes: Theoretical Insights an a Public Health ‘Puzzle’

Clare Bambra
Is Wealthier Always Healthier in Poor Countries? The Health Implications of Income, Inequality, Poverty, and Literacy in India

Keertichandra Rajan, Jonathan Kennedy and Lawrence King
Public Health Interventions and Their Impact on Social Inequalities in Health

José Leopoldo Ferreira Antunes
Part One: Epidemiology of Non-Communicable and Communicable Diseases: History and Future Developments
Sutherland, Snow and Water: The Transmission of Cholera in the Nineteenth Century

Stephanie J. Snow
Smoking and Carcinoma of the Lung

Richard Doll and A. Bradford Hill
Sick Individuals and Sick Populations

Geoffrey Rose
Economic and Social Determinants of Disease

Michael Marmot
Rose’s Population Strategy of Prevention Need Not Increase Social Inequalities in Health

Lindsay Mclaren, Lynn Mcintyre and Sharon Kirkpatrick
Measuring the Global Burden of Disease

Christopher J.L. Murray and Alan D. Lopez
Epidemiology and Quantitative Risk Assessment: A Bridge from Science to Policy

Irva Hertz-Picciotto
Theories for Social Epidemiology in the 21st Century: An Ecosocial Perspective

Nancy Krieger
Modelling the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases for Decision Analysis

Mark Jit and Marc Brisson
Genetic Epidemiology and Public Health: Hope Hype and Future Prospects

George Davey Smith, Shah Ebrahim, Sarah Lewis, Anna L. Hansell, Lyle J. Palmer and Paul R. Burton
Non-Communicable Diseases in the Arab World

Hanan F. Abdul Rahim, Abla Sibai, Yousef Khader, Nahla Hwalla, Ibtihal Fadhil, Huda Alsiyabi, Awad Mataria, Shanthi Mendis, Ali H. Mokdad and Abdullatif Husseini
Convergence of Non-Communicable and Infectious Diseases in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Justin V. Remais, Guang Zeng, Guangwei Li, Lulu Tian and Michael M. Engelgau
Non-Communicable Diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa: What We Know Now

Shona Dalal et al.
Burden of Non-Communicable Disease: Global Overview

Samira Humaira Habib and Soma Saha
Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications Study at 30 Years: Advances and Contributions

David M. Nathan, Margaret Bayless, Patricia Cleary, Saul Genuth, Rose Gubitosi-Klug, John M. Lachin, Gayle Lorenzi and Bernard Zinman
Part One: Ecological Public Health
Ecological Public Health: The 21st Century’s Big Idea?

Tim Lang and Geof Rayner
A Perspective on the Future Public Health: An Integrative and Ecological Framework

Phil Hanlon, Sandra Carlisle, Margaret Hannah, Andrew Lyon and David Reilly
Michael Bentley
An Ecological Public Health Approach to Understanding the Relationships between Sustainable Urban Environments, Public Health and Social Equity
Part Two: Evaluation and Health Systems
Building the Field of Health Policy and Systems Research: Social Science Matters

Lucy Gilson, Kara Hanson, Kabir Sheikh, Irene Akua Agyepong, Freddie Ssengooba and Sara Bennett
Reforming the Health Sector in Developing Countries: The Central Role of Policy Analysis

Gill Walt and Lucy Gilson
Using Complexity-Consistent Theory for Evaluating Complex Systems

Gill Westhorp
Is Realist Evaluation Keeping Its Promise? A Review of Published Empirical Studies in the Field of Health Systems Research

Bruno Marchal, Sara van Belle, Josefien van Olmen, Tom Hoerée and Guy Kegels
An Evaluation Framework for Obesity Prevention Policy Interventions

Jennifer Leeman, Janice Sommers, Maihan Vu, Jan Jernigan, Gayle Payne, Diane Thompson, Claire Heiser, Rosanne Farris and Alice Ammerman
M. Minkler
Using Participatory Action Research to build Healthy Communities
Evaluating Large-Scale Health Programmes at a District Level an Resource-Limited Countries

Theodore Svoronos and Kedar S. Mate
Part Three: Country-based Case Studies
Social Capital, Income Inequality and Mortality

Ichiro Kawachi, Bruce P. Kennedy, Kimberly Lochner and Deborah Prothrow-Stith
Do Malaria Control Interventions Reach the Poor? A View through the Equity Lens

Lawrence M. Barat, Natasha Palmer, Supotrik Basu, Eve Worrall, Kara Hanson and Anne Mills
Global Experience of Community Health Workers for Delivery of Health Related Millennium Development Goals: A Systematic Review, Country Case Studies, and Recommendations for Integration into National Health Systems

Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Zohra S. Lassi, George Pariyo and Luis Huicho
Intimate Partner Violence and Condom and Diaphragm Non-Adherence among Women in an HIV Prevention Trial in Southern Africa

Deborah Kacanek, Alan Bostrom, Elizabeth T. Montgomery, Gita Ramjee, Guy de Bruyn, Kelly Blanchard, Amelia Rock, Sibongile Mtetwa and Ariane van der Straten
The Paradoxes of Gender Mainstreaming in Developing Countries: The Case of Health Care in Papua New Guinea

Gina Lamprell, David Greenfield and Jeffrey Braithwaite
The Governance of AIDS in Chile: Power/Knowledge, Patient-User Organisation, and the Formation of the Biological Citizen

Hernán Cuevas Valenzuela and Isabel Pérez Zamora
Below the Poverty Line and Non-Communicable Diseases in Kerala: The Epidemiology of Non-Communicable Diseases in Rural Areas (ENDIRA) Study

Jaideep Menon, N. Vijayakumar, Joseph K. Joseph, P.C. Davidd, M.N. Menone, Shyam Mukundan, P.D. Dorphy and Amitava Banerjee
Determinants of Basic Public Health Services Provision by Village Doctors in China: Using Non-Communicable Diseases Management as an Example

Tongtong Li, Trudy Lei, Zheng Xie and Tuohong Zhang
Mental Health First Aid Is an Effective Public Health Intervention for Improving Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviour: A Meta-Analysis

Gergö Hadlaczky, Sebastian Hökby, Anahit Mkrtchian, Vladimir Carli and Danuta Wasserman
Lessons from Local Engagement in Latin American Health Systems

Geoffrey D. Meads, Frances E. Griffiths, Sarah D. Goode and Michiyo Iwami
Part One: Culture, Hygiene and Health
Culture and Health

A. David Napier et al.
Hidden Heroes of the Health Revolution: Sanitation and Personal Hygiene

Allison Aiello, Elaine L. Larson and Richard Sedlak
Part Two: Climate Change and Public Health
Ecological Public Health and Climate Change Policy

George P. Morris
Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change

Anthony Costello et al.
Climate Change: The Public Health Response

Howard Frumkin, Jeremy Hess, George Luber, Josephine Malily and Michael McGeehin
Global Climate Change: Implications for International Public Health Policy

Diarmid Campbell-Ladrum, Carlos Corvalán and Maria Neira
The Effectiveness of Public Health Interventions to Reduce the Health Impact of Climate Change: A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews

Maha Bouzid, Lee Hooper and Paul R. Hunter
How Can a Climate Change Perspective Be Integrated into Public Health Surveillance?

M. Pascal, A.C. Viso, S. Medina, M.C. Delmas and P. Beaudeau
Part Three: Conflict, War and Fragile States
A Public Health Framework to Translate Risk Factors Related to Political Violence and War into Multi-Level Preventive Interventions

Joop T.V.M. De Jong
Promoting Health Equity in Conflict-Affected Fragile States

Olga Bornemisza, M. Kent Ransom, Timothy M. Poletti and Egbert Sondorp
Health in Fragile States

Brooke Benton, Jibril Handuleh, Katharine Harris, Mahiben Maruthappu, Preeti Patel, Brian Godman and Alexander E. Finlayson
Comparative Public Health: The Political Economy of Human Misery and Well-Being

Hazem Adam Ghobarah, Paul Huth and Bruce Russet
Gender and War: The Effects of Armed Conflict on Women's Health and Mental Health

Golie G. Jansen
Public Health Equity in Refugee Situations

Jennifer Leaning, Paul Spiegel and Jenny Crisp
Violence as a Public Health Problem: An Ecological Study of 169 Countries

Achim Wolf, Ron Gray and Seena Fazel

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