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Psychology for Teachers

Psychology for Teachers

Second Edition

March 2018 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Psychology for Teachers explains how psychology can be intelligently applied to the classroom to meet the needs of different learners. It encourages teachers to review their own practice to develop a personal teaching style, supported by research findings and an awareness of the factors underpinning high-quality teaching.

Focusing on how an understanding of psychological theory can support effective teaching and learning this book contains case studies and tasks to make sure that trainees really understand how theory can be meaningfully applied in the classroom.

This new edition now comes with three brand new sections:

  • Mental health, wellbeing & resilience
  • Psychological skills
  • Evidence-based teaching

This book is relevant for anyone undertaking an Education Studies degree or doing Primary or Secondary teacher training - particularly for the professional studies teaching topics.

Part 1: Psychological Perspectives on Education
Chapter 1: Classical Approaches to Psychology
Chapter 2: Developing Approaches to Psychology
Chapter 3: The Effective Teacher
Chapter 4: The Philosophy and Psychology of Professional Practice
Part 2: The Individual Learner
Chapter 5: Neurological and Physical Development
Chapter 6: Perceptual and Cognitive Development
Chapter 7: Social, Emotional Development and Personality
Part 3: Meeting the Needs of the Learner
Chapter 8: Understanding the Self
Chapter 9: Understanding Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
Chapter 10: Motivation
Chapter 11: Integrating Psychology in the Classroom
Part 4: Mental Health, Wellbeing and Resilience
Chapter 12: Mental Wellbeing
Chapter 13: Coaching Psychology and Developing Resilience
Part 5: Psychological Skills Training
Chapter 14: Goal-Setting
Chapter 15: Mental Imagery
Chapter 16: Self-Talk and Cognitive Restructuring
Chapter 17: Relaxation
Part 6: Evidence-Based Teaching
Chapter 18: Doing Research
Chapter 19: Analysing Data
Part 7: Classroom Practice
Chapter 20: The Learning Environment
Chapter 21: The ‘Ideal’ Teacher
Chapter 22: Reflective Position: Integrating the Strands of this Book


This is an outstanding publication for all teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the psychological complexities of teaching and learning. This publication is relevant, up-to-date, research-informed and full of practical ideas - an engaging read to inform and transform our work with young people. Highly recommended!

Anna Lise Gordon
Professor of Education, St Mary’s University

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