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Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Four Volume Set
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February 2012 | 1 872 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This collection brings together the major influential publications in psychological assessment over the last 20-30 years to serve as an important reference resource for individuals and institutions interested in psychological assessment research and application. The editors have carefully selected the inclusions to represent a mix of older classics, still very relevant today, and highly influential up-to-date recent work. The articles include recent influential reviews to introduce an area; historical and classical material; and leading-edge recent work which may challenge accepted practice giving readers a feel for the dynamism of the field.

The collection portrays the original sources that have most significantly shaped psychological assessment research in recent years, some critical reviews, as well as including the very best research articles outlining key recent developments, thereby providing an essential set of core readings for the field.

Volume One: Intelligence Assessment

Volume Two: Personality Assessment

Volume Three: Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment

Volume Four: Clinical and Applied Psychological Assessment

Linda Gottfredson and Donald Saklofske
Foundations and Issues in Assessment

Lazar Stankov
Structural Extensions of a Hierarchical View on Human Cognitive Abilities
Wendy Johnson et al
Just One G
Consistent Results from Three Test Batteries

Alan Kaufman, Cheryl Johnson and Xin Liu
A CHC Theory-Based Analysis of Age Differences on Cognitive Abilities and Academic Skills at Ages 22 to 90 Years
Timothy Salthouse
Selective Review of Cognitive Aging
Phillip Ackerman and Eric Heggestad
Intelligence, Personality and Interests
Evidence for Overlapping Traits

Ken Richardson
What IQ Tests Test
Raymond Cattell
A Culture-Free Intelligence Test I
Jelte Wicherts
Raven's Test Performance of Sub-Saharan Africans
Average Performance, Psychometric Properties and the Flynn Effect

Nicholas Benson, David Hulac and John Kranzler
Independent Examination of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV)
What Does the WAIS-IV Measure?

James Flynn and Lawrence Weiss
American IQ Gains from 1932 to 2002
The WISC Subtests and Educational Progress

Alan Kaufman
In What Way Are Apples and Oranges Alike? A Critique of Flynn's Interpretation of the Flynn Effect
Gonggu Yan, Donald Saklofse and Thomas Oakland
Views of Chinese Psychologists toward Intelligence
Louise Higgins and Gao Xiang
The Development and Use of Intelligence Tests in China
A Decade of Progress

Richard Roberts, Moshe Zeidner and Gerald Matthews
Does Emotional Intelligence Meet Traditional Standards for an Intelligence? Some New Data and Conclusions
Ulric Neisser et al
Known and Unknowns

Suzanne Skiffington, Ephrem Fernandez and Ken McFarland
Towards a Validation of Multiple Features in the Assessment of Emotions
Patrick Mollaret
Using Common Psychological Terms to Describe Other People
From Lexical Hypothesis to Polysemous Conception

Gregory Boyle
Simplifying the Cattellian Psychometric Model
Gregory Boyle and Keith Barton
Contribution of Cattellian Personality Instruments
Don Saklofske et al
Extraversion - Introversion
Gerald Matthews
Personality and Performance
Cognitive Processes and Models

Brad Piekkola
Traits across Cultures
A Neo-Allportian Perspective

Brent Roberts, Kate Walton and Wolfgang Viechtbauer
Patterns of Mean-Level Change in Personality Traits across the Life Course
A Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies

Paul Costa Jr and Robert McCrae
Age Changes in Personality and Their Origins
Comment on Roberts, Walton and Viechtbauer (2006)

Brent Roberts, Kate Walton and Wolfgang Viechtbauer
Personality Traits Change in Adulthood
Reply to Costa and McCrae (2006)

R. Chris Fraley and Brent Roberts
Patterns of Continuity
A Dynamic Model for Conceptualizing the Stability of Individual Differences in Psychological Constructs across the Life Course

Mary Rothbart et al
Investigations of Temperament at Three to Seven Years
The Children's Behavior Questionnaire

Fons van de Vijver and Dianne van Hemert
Cross-Cultural Personality Assessment
Andrew Johnson, Philip Vernon and Amanda Feiler
Behavioral Genetic Studies of Personality
An Introduction and Review of the Results of 50+ Years of Research

John Furedy
Psychophysiological Window on Peronality
Pragmatic and Philosophical Considerations

Eco de Geus and David Neumann
Psychophysiological Measurements of Personality
Edward Vul et al
Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality and Social Cognition
Mary Malik, Brynne Johannsen and Larry Beutler
Personality Disorders and the DSM
A Critical Review

James Wood et al
Validity of Rorschach Inkblot Scores for Discriminating Psychopaths from Non-Psychopaths in Forensic Populations
A Meta-Analysis

Ronald Livingston et al
Factor Structure of the Reitan-Indiana Neuropsychological Battery for Children
James Sweeney et al
Scientific Investigation of Brain-Behavior Relationships Using the Halstead-Reitan Battery
Julie Alvarez and Eugene Emory
Executive Function and the Frontal Lobes
A Meta-Analytic Review

Katherine Salter et al
Identification of Aphasia Post-Stroke
A Review of Screening Assessment Tools

Brian Brooks, Grant Iverson and Travis White
Advanced Interpretation of the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery with Older Adults
Base Rate Analyses, Discrepancy Scores and Interpreting Change

Laura Rabin, William Barr and Leslie Burton
Assessment Practices of Clinical Neuropsychologists in the United States and Canada
A Survey of INS, NAN and APA Division 40 Members

James Choca et al
The Halstead Category Test
A 50-Year Perspective

Gregory Boyle
Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment
Abbreviating the Halstead Test of Brain Dysfunction

Stanley Steindl and Gregory Boyle
Use of the Booklet Category Test to Assess Abstract Concept Formation in Schizophrenic Disorders
Ana Espinosa et al
Ecological Assessment of Executive Functions in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Mild Alzheimer's Disease
Karl Friedl et al
Army Research Needs for Automated Neuropsychological Tests
Monitoring Soldier Health and Performance Status

Elbert Russell
In Defense of the Halstead Reitan Battery
A Critique of Lezak's Review

Robert Kane et al
Comparative Diagnostic Accuracy of the Halstead-Reitan and Standardized Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Batteries in a Mixed Psychiatric and Brain-Damaged Population
H. Allison Bender, Adolfo Martín García and William Barr
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Neuropsychological Test Construction
Perspectives from Translation Studies

Mike Schoenberg et al
Estimating Pre-Morbid General Cognitive Functioning for Children and Adolescents Using the American Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fourth Edition
Demographic and Current Performance Approaches

Robert Kane et al
Identifying and Monitoring Cognitive Deficits in Clinical Populations Using Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics (ANAM) Tests
May-Li Lim et al
Cross-Cultural Application of the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS)
Performances of Elderly Chinese Singaporeans

Trevor Robbins et al
A Study of Performance on Tests from the CANTAB Battery Sensitive to Frontal Lobe Dysfunction in a Large Sample of Normal Volunteers
Implications for Theories of Executive Functioning and Cognitive Aging

Lazar Stankov and Jihyun Lee
Dimensions of Cultural Differences
Pancultural, ETIC/EMIC and Ecological Approaches

Lazar Stankov et al
Contemporary Militant Extremism
A Linguistic Approach to Scale Development

Robert Archer et al
A Survey of Psychological Test Use Patterns among Forensic Psychologists
Reitske Meganck et al
Factorial Validity and Measurement Invariance of the 20-Item Toronto Alexithymia Scale in Clinical and Non-Clinical Samples
James Pennebaker, Matthias Mehl and Kate Niederhoffer
Psychological Aspects of Natural Language Use
Our Words, Our Selves

Sharon Bradley-Johnson et al
A Comprehensive Model for Assessing the Unique Characteristics of Children with Autism
Ephrem Fernandez and Robert D. Kerns
Anxiety, Depression and Anger: Core Components of Negative Affect in Medical Populations
Classification and Calibration by Pain Patients

Gregory Boyle
Factor Structure of the Menstrual Distress Questionnaire (MDQ)
Exploratory and Lisrel Analysis

Gregory Boyle
Does Item Homogeneity Indicate Internal Consistency or Item Redundancy in Psychometric Scales?
R. Grossarth-Maticek, H.J. Eysenck and Gregory Boyle
Method of Test Administration as a Factor in Test Validity
The Use of a Personality Questionnaire in the Prediction of Cancer and Coronary Heart Disease

Gerald Matthews et al
Fundamental Dimensions of Subjective State in Performance Settings
Task Engagement, Distress and Worry

Jarrod Steffan et al
A Comparative Analysis of MMPI-2 Malingering Detection Models among Inmates
Larry Bernard et al
Measuring Motivation Multidimensionally
Development of the Assessment of Individual Motives - Questionnaire (AIM-Q)

Denizs Ones, Chockalingam Viswesvaran and Frank Schmidt
Personality and Absenteeism
A Meta-Analysis of Integrity Tests

Gina Ekermans et al
Measurement Invariance and Differential Item Functioning of the Bar-on EQ-i
S measure over Canadian, Scottish, South African and Australian Samples

Wendy Wan, Chung-Leung Lukb and Julian Lai
Personality Correlates of Loving Styles among Chinese Students in Hong Kong
Jodi Viljoen, Kaitlyn McLachlan and Gina Vincent
Assessing Violence Risk and Psychopathy in Juvenile and Adult Offenders
A Survey of Clinical Practices

Sara Bolt and Jim Ysseldyke
Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Large-Scale Testing
A Comparison of Differential Item Functioning (DIF) Identified across Disability Types

S. Brian Hood
Validity in Psychological Testing and Scientific Realism
G nter Trendler
Measurement Theory, Psychology and the Revolution That Cannot Happen