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Your Psychology degree: from day one to graduation

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Whether you're about to start your psychology degree or are a seasoned student, we've got you covered.

On this page, you'll find practical resources to help you excel at university, from writing winning essays and planning your dissertations to building your resilience and choosing your dream career. Keep reading for expert advice!


Study skills for psychology

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Ready, set, go!

It's time to prepare for university. Find out what to expect from the first few weeks, how to do well in your assessments and get the most out of your uni life with handpicked resources from our academic skills books.

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Essays, but make them brilliant

Here's your two-step plan for better essay writing, courtesy of How to Write a Brilliant Psychology Essays by Paul Dickerson.

  1. Unveil the secrets to great academic writing, from writing winning introductions to building critical thinking, with a free webinar.

  2. Editing can have a huge impact on your marks. Find out how to refine your essay and make it count with a quick video.

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All about critical analysis

Thinking critically at university just got easier. Learn what critical thinking is, how to hone it and how to demonstrate it in your academic work through extracts from our study skills textbooks.

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Your psychology dissertation

Here are some resources and advice taken from Your Psychology Dissertation to get you started:

  1. Planning well can save you from needless stress and all-nighters, so your first step is to download our psychology dissertation planner.
  2. When it comes to picking your dissertation topic, there are plenty of strategies to help you. Download a free chapter to make this process less daunting.


Health and wellbeing support

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Feel well, do well

Learn how to go from surviving to thriving with this webinar. From building resilience to harnessing your strengths, Christian Van Nieuweburgh shares practical strategies to help you ensure your university experience is a positive one.

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Worrying about something beyond your control?

Check out a free chapter of From Surviving to Thriving to learn mindful techniques to help you manage anxiety and reconnect with yourself.

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Find specialist help

You've probably heard this before, but you don't need to go through hardship alone. The British Psychological Society (BPS) signposted 10 places where you can get mental health support

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Other health and wellbeing resources

  • We're all about making student life easier. Get free wellbeing resources to help you manage your stress, nurture your physical and mental health and keep track of your progress as you start your journey towards a healthier you.
  • Student Minds' Student Space is packed with health and wellbeing resources to get you through university, from settling in and sleeping well, to healthy digital habits and dealing with global events.


Employability advice

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What general skills will psychology give you?

This free chapter of The Psychology Student's Guide to Study and Employability shows you how to identify, hone and harness the transferable skills a psychology degree will equip you with.

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Choosing a career in psychology

From clinical to forensic to occupational, there are so many options when it comes to being a psychologist. This BPS flyer guides you through your psychology career options, to help you make an informed decision.

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Becoming a scientist-practitioner

This chapter of Professional Skills for Psychology introduces you to evidence-based practice, a popular approach to clinical decision-making you'll encounter in your career.


Are you a lecturer looking for resources for your students?

Hear from our authors Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Paul Dickerson and Emma McDonald about navigating the challenges you and your students face when it comes to the university experience.