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Promoting Successful Adoptions

Promoting Successful Adoptions
Practice with Troubled Families

  • Susan Livingston Smith - Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, Illinois State University, USA
  • Jeanne A. Howard - Co-Director, Center of Adoption Studies, Catholic Univeristy of Leuven, Belgium

September 1999 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book offers a clear, well-documented view of troubled adoptive families. It focuses on adoptive families after the legal finalization of the adoption has taken place and is full of case examples, detailed case histories and presentations of various practice strategies.
Special Needs Don't Disappear with Adoption
The Case for Post-Adoption Services

Every Clinician Is in Post-Adoption Practice
We Never Thought It Would Be Like This
Presenting Problems of Troubled Adoptive Families

They Cry Out in Many Different Ways
Behavior Problems of Special Needs Children

Adoption Means Somebody Loves You and Somebody Doesn't
Separation, Grief and Attachment Issues in Work With Families

Invisible Wounds
Trauma and Its Wake

I Just Want to Know More about Who I Am
Identity Issues

A Place to Turn When There's No Place Else to Go
An Overview of Adoption Preservation Services

No Longer All Alone in the Twilight Zone
Support Groups for Children and Parents

Parenting Developmentally Disabled Children
Toward a Better Future
Partnerships to Strengthen Adoptive Families


"This book is comprehensive in its presentation of background material, thorough and fair in its review of other studies, and full of useful information and effective case examples. . . . Everyone concerned about the future well-being of adoptive families—practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and adoptive parents—will find the book invaluable." 

Kenneth Watson, MSW, LCSW, ACSW
Independent Consultant and Trainer

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