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Privatizing Prisons

Privatizing Prisons
Rhetoric and Reality

July 1997 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book makes public, for the first time, a full account of the development of the privatization of prisons, centred on the only full-scale empirical study yet to have been undertaken in Britain.

After providing an up-to-date overview of the development of private sector involvement in penal practice in the United Kingdom, North America, Europe and Australia, the authors go on to describe the first two years in the life of Wolds Remand Prison - the first private prison in Britain.

They look at the daily life for remand prisoners, assess the duties and morale of staff and compare the workings of Wolds to a new local prison in the public sector. The authors conclude by discussing some of the practical and theoretical issues to have emerged from contracting out, ethical issues surrounding the whole privatization debate and implications for the future of the prison system and penal policy.

Private Prisons Rediscovered
International Developments in the Twentieth Century

Evaluating Private Prisons
Contemporary Developments in British Penal Politics
Contracting-out at Wolds
Responding to the Challenge in the Public Sector
Legitimacy and Consent
Ethical Issues in Contracting-out

Privatizing Prisons
Current Issues and Future Prospects


`It provides a useful introduction to the evolution of private prisons in the UK and an in-depth evaluation of how one operates....The main attraction of this book is the research into the Wolds and the comparison with public prisons. These chapters provide a wealth of new information on the operation of private prisons' - International Journal of Police Science & Management

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