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Primary Mathematics: Knowledge and Understanding

Primary Mathematics: Knowledge and Understanding

Eighth Edition

February 2018 | 264 pages | Learning Matters

Secure subject knowledge and understanding is the foundation of confident, creative and effective teaching. To help your students master this, the 8th edition of this established text now comes with a range of online resources:

  • Interactive Maths subject knowledge audit: to assess your students' overall performance and ensure they have an accurate picture of their ability.
  • Reflective self-assessment questions: to help consolidate students’ understanding of each chapter topic and monitor their learning as they work through the book.
  • Glossary: building students' knowledge of tricky terminology.

Covering the whole primary curriculum, this edition also includes updated interactive activities throughout the book to engage students in their learning and enable discussion. Using this book in conjunction with the free online resources really makes this the complete package for developing Mathematics subject knowledge.

Number: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Number: fractions, decimals and percentages
Mathematical language, reasoning and proof
Algebra, equations, functions and graphs

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Introduction

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