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Updated advice from SAGE regarding the Swets Information Services B.V. Bankruptcy

October 23, 2014

The Swets bankruptcy trustee has now published guidance on the Swets website on what payments libraries should make to Swets. In this guidance, they make clear they will only be invoicing for services already rendered to the customer (fulfilled) and for which the publisher has been paid.

The guidance is available here:

Swets will not be able to fulfill any new orders, which should be sent via other agents or direct to SAGE.    Libraries should not make payments to Swets for orders that have not been fulfilled.   If you are in doubt about the situation with respect to any order or payment, we would be happy to advise on its status at SAGE.

SAGE appreciates that Swets Information Services B.V. being declared bankrupt will cause considerable work for libraries who have previously subscribed through Swets. We also understand the importance to librarians of continuity of access for their patrons to subscribed content.

SAGE has as standard a three month gracing period for online subscription renewals and graces an extra issue for all print subscriptions which will minimize the risk of any service interruption while libraries transfer subscriptions to other agents.

SAGE has sent print and electronic renewal notices direct to our library customers who previously ordered through Swets.  Libraries can pass this information to their new agent or renew direct with SAGE. If libraries would like our assistance in transferring to a new agent, you should simply email, giving us the name of the new agent. We will work with them to transition your subscriptions. If you haven’t received renewal notices from us, please do let us know at the same address and we will send copies.

If you had recently made any payments to Swets for subscription renewals relating to SAGE journals, please contact SAGE's Customer Services representatives to review the status of these renewals.  They can also help with any other renewal queries you may have about individual SAGE journal title renewals or any queries you may have about access to SAGE content.

For USA, Canada, Central and South America including the

For UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia:

If you are in doubt about any contractual arrangements you may have with Swets, we recommend you contact your legal and financial advisors for advice on how to proceed in this exceptional circumstance.

SAGE is committed to working with you to help minimize disruption to you and your patrons during the renewal season.

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