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SAGE's response to the 11th Circuit Court Ruling in the Georgia State University Lawsuit

October 20, 2014

The three publishers involved reluctantly undertook this action to help clarify important questions of copyright in a digital world.

We welcome today’s decision as it will help to protect the intellectual property rights of authors and publishers who produce high-quality educational materials on which colleges and universities depend.

We have at no time sought damages or to extend copyright protections through this case, merely wanting to bring Georgia State’s practices in line with those at other universities.

We will carefully review the court’s opinion and will continue to work with the scholarly community, including libraries, authors, editors, academic societies, other publishers and collective licensing bodies, to develop copyright policies and practices that support both the effective dissemination and production of scholarly knowledge.

We now look forward to a revised ruling from the lower court that we hope will draw this litigation to a close.

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