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SAGE reports strong performance for SAGE Journals in 2013 Citation Reports

September 5, 2014

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE, the world’s leading independent academic and professional publisher, today reported a strong performance across its journals portfolio in the 2013 Journal Citation Reports®(JCR) (Thomson Reuters, 2014).

SAGE continues to experience consistent growth in its coverage in the reports, with 470 JCR-indexed journals. This illustrates a 55% increase over the past five years – a 47% increase in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) and an 85% increase in the Science Citation Index (SCI), with SCI having significantly increased as a result of the acquisition of the Royal Society of Medicine’s 28 journals in 2012. SAGE now has more than 200 journals in the top 30% of the JCR, with the publisher being marked out as market leader by number of ranked titles in 7 categories including Sociology, interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Urban Studies, Criminology & Penology, Special Education and Applied Psychology.

In this year’s reports, 65% of SCI and 55% of SSCI SAGE-indexed titles have increased their Impact Factor (IF).  6 SAGE titles gained their first IF in the 2014 reports including Chronic Respiratory Disease, Journalism, Journal of Social Archaeology, Qualitative Social Work, Communication Disorders Quarterly and Indian Economic and Social History Review. In addition, now more than 60% of both SCI and SSCI titles have been ranked within the top two quartiles of their JCR subject categories.

The ten titles ranked #1 in their category are Personality and Social Psychology Review (7.545), Journal of Management (6.862), Review of Educational Research (5.000), American Journal of Sports Medicine (4.699), Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair (4.617), American Sociological Review (4.266), Trauma Violence & Abuse (2.939), Communication Research (2.444), Journal of Consumer Culture (1.969) and the Psychology of Women Quarterly (1.907).

Within the SSCI index, SAGE maintained a strong position with 118 journals in the top 25% of the SSCI, and 5 journals ranking in the top quartile of their JCR subject categories. Particular 2014 highlights are Journal of Management (6.704), Review of Educational Research (5.000) and Theory Culture & Society (ranked #1 by total cites).

Within the SCI index, SAGE continues to significantly grow its coverage, with 46 journals in the top 25% in their SCI category. Particular highlights of the SCI include; Structural Health Monitoring (3.206) which increased its IF by 99% and is now in the first quartile in the multidisciplinary engineering discipline, and the Journal of Hand Surgery-European Volume and The Neuroscientist, both of which experienced an increase in IF of 79% and 74% respectively with IFs of 2.190 and 3.157.

Speaking about the JCR Citation Reports, Ziyad Marar, Global Publishing Director, SAGE remarked:

“Our publishing partners are at the heart of what we do as publishers, and we are privileged to work with some of the leading researchers, editors and practitioners within their fields. The strong performances demonstrated across both SCI and SSCI journals within the citation reports are a credit to, and indication of, the high quality research produced by these editors and the dedication of the highly talented editorial teams who support them. The publication of the JCR results is always released and greeted with a sense of occasion; however they are not to be fetishized. SAGE has long acknowledged the need to consider other measures of journal quality for a richer picture.  As such, we remain committed to improving and adapting our services to ensure we continue to support the most appropriate markers of quality for our editors, authors, and society partners as our publishing landscape continues to evolve.”

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