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SAGE Publishing partners with Societas Liturgica to publish Studia Liturgica

April 11, 2019

SAGE Publishing announced today that it is to begin publishing Studia Liturgica, a biannual peer-reviewed journal, in partnership with Societas Liturgica.

Editor-in-Chief, Studia Liturgica, Peter C. Bower, commented:

“Since its inception, Studia Liturgica has built a reputation as a core journal for international liturgical research, with our aim being to ensure wide access to this influential research field. We look forward to the partnership with SAGE helping to further enhance this reputation, and taking advantage of the expertise SAGE can offer in terms of scope, reach and engagement with the wider scholarly community.”

Since the journal launched in 1962, it has provided a platform for discussion and exploration of the field of worship and allied subjects and sought to demonstrate the understanding of its value and place in the contemporary world.

Miranda Nunhofer, Vice President, Journals, SAGE Publishing, further remarked:

Studia Liturgica has built a reputation as a journal that not only facilitates the exchange of debate, but one which demonstrates the applicability of research within contemporary society. One of SAGE’s founding principles is that healthy debate creates a healthy society, and being so closely aligned in our combined mission makes us a strong partner for the journal. We look forward to supporting the journal in its pivotal work for the field.”

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Find out more about Studia Liturgica.

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Founded in 1962 by Wiebe Vos (a pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church), and now published by Societas Liturgica, Studia Liturgica is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year.

Societas Liturgica came into existence through the initiative of Wiebe Vos, a pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church. In 1962 he founded Studia Liturgica, “an international ecumenical quarterly for liturgical research and renewal.” In 1965 Vos called a conference of twenty-five liturgists from Europe and North America at the Protestant community of Grandchamp, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. With J. J. von Allmen as Chair, the conference discussed Christian Initiation and resolved to found a Societas Liturgica, “an association for the promotion of ecumenical dialogue on worship, based on solid research, with the perspective of renewal and unity.”

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