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SAGE partners with Golden Goose Award to support seemingly peculiar research that makes a big impact

September 16, 2014

Los Angeles, CA - Leading independent, academic and professional publisher SAGE announces its partnering sponsorship of the 2014 Golden Goose Award. Conceived in 2012 by Congressman Jim Cooper (D-TN), the purpose of the award is to honor researchers whose federally funded work may not have seemed to have significant practical applications at the time it was conducted, but has resulted in significant benefits to society. The 2014 award recipients will be honored at the third annual Golden Goose Awards Ceremony on September 18 at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

“The Golden Goose Award has the unique purpose of recognizing federally funded researchers whose work has led to significant unanticipated benefits for society,” said Matt Owens of the Association of American Universities, speaking on behalf of the Golden Goose Award founding organizations. “One of the reasons it has been successful is the critical support it has received from SAGE and other organizations. We greatly appreciate SAGE’s participation in the Golden Goose Award.”

 SAGE was established in 1965 with the publication of the research journal Urban Affairs Quarterly, and in nearly 50 years has grown its publishing portfolio to include more than 750 journals. Today, SAGE actively advocates for federal funding of research, particularly within the social sciences where research value has been called into question and federal funding has suffered as a result.

“Since our inception nearly 50 years ago, SAGE has passionately supported the development of underrepresented and sometimes unpopular research that has often gone on to have a widespread, positive impact on humanity. Scholars frequently use unique methods to make important discoveries and we believe that their creative processes should not be constrained,” commented Ziyad Marar, Global Publishing Director, SAGE. “At SAGE, we applaud the mission of the Golden Goose Award and are proud to be a sponsor.”

2014 recipients of the Golden Goose Award include:

  • Saul Schanberg, Tiffany Martini Field, Cynthia Kuhn, and Gary Evoniuk, whose research on rat massage led to a momentous change in how premature babies are cared for, helping thousands of preemies to survive
  • Larry Smarr, whose basic research on colliding black holes in space led to the development of U.S. supercomputing capabilities and the creation of the first Internet browsers
  • Robert Wilson, Paul Milgrom and R. Preston McAfee, whose research on game theory and auctions led to the first auctioning of the spectrum by the Federal Communications Commission and the subsequent rapid advance of the global telecommunications industry

Additional information about the Golden Goose Award, including further information on winners and sponsors, can be found at and on Twitter at @GoldGooseAward.

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