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SAGE launches open access journal Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine

January 15, 2015

Los Angeles, CA. SAGE today announces the launch of a new peer-reviewed, “gold” open access journal, Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine (GGM). An interdisciplinary journal sponsored by the Southern Gerontology Society (SGS), GGM will publish original research, review articles, and will serve as an interactive forum for the exchange of gerontological and geriatric knowledge.

GGM’s unique publishing model will facilitate dynamic conversation and new connections among researchers at all stages of their careers,” commented Bob Howard, Vice President of Journals at SAGE. “We are proud to support the development of sound research post publication, and we are confident that the journal will make significant contributions to promoting geriatric health.” 

GGM will take a unique approach to publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research. Rather than assessing the relative importance of a given article to its respective field, reviewers will instead focus solely on assessing the quality of research methodology by determining whether the research was conducted properly, the discussion accurately summarizes the research, and the conclusion follows logically from the research. The wide academic community will then have the power to continue the peer review process after online publication, helping to determine the significance of each article through the ability to share and discuss articles freely.

“While the Journal of Applied Gerontology is the official journal of the Southern Gerontological Society, we affiliated with GGM to guide authors looking for an alternative forum for their work,” commented Constance L. Coogle of SGS. “SGS’s affiliation signifies our confidence in the quality of the peer review process and the strength of the GGM editorial board. Congratulations to SAGE for establishing this open publication which represents a valuable addition to their prominent family of journals in this area of concentration. “

In addition to original research and review articles, the journal also welcomes letters to the editors, commentaries, book reviews, case reports, and more. To learn more about the journal, click here.

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