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Find All the Facts About Congress in: Congress A to Z, 6th Edition

April 24, 2014

Washington, DC - Where would you go to get facts about all those who have served as Speaker of the House of Representatives? How could you find the names of all the congresswomen or the racial make-up of those who have served in Congress? What if you just want to learn about how a bill actually becomes a law? You’d go to the brand new Sixth Edition of the classic, easy-to-use Congress A to Z published by CQ Press.

Providing insight into the national legislature, its organization, processes, personalities, major legislation, and history, the Sixth Edition is completely updated, covering the dramatic congressional events of recent years, including social media usage by members of Congress, the politics of recent debt ceiling and deficit spending showdowns with the executive branch, new floor leaders in both chambers, and campaign finance patterns. Each of the more than 250 A-to-Z entries provides insight into the key questions readers have about the U.S. Congress and helps them understand the:

  • narrow power division between Republicans and Democrats
  • methods members use to advance their agendas
  • influence of lobby groups
  • key role of committees and strong-willed leaders
  • and much more

Congress A to Z, 6th Edition is available in both electronic and print formats, and is jam-packed with quick answers and in-depth background information about the U.S. Congress. It also provides researchers with detailed appendices, tables, internet addresses, and index. Because no other volume so clearly and concisely explains every key aspect of the national legislature, it belongs on the shelves of all public, academic, and high school libraries—especially those with strong American history or political science collections.

Chuck McCutcheon is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C. He has been a reporter and editor for Congressional Quarterly and Newhouse News Service and is co-author of the 2012 and 2014 editions of The Almanac of American Politics. He also has written books on climate change and nuclear waste.


CQ Press, an imprint of SAGE, is a leading publisher of books, reference content, periodicals, and digital products on American government, public policy, and international affairs. Known for its objectivity and breadth and depth of coverage, CQ Press consistently ranks among the top academic and professional publishers for its high-quality content and scholarship. CQ Press was founded with the mission of promoting democracy through education and joined the SAGE family in 2008.

Congress A to Z, 6th Edition 
May 2014                               776 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-4522-8752-2         Cloth $150.00
eISBN: 978-1-4522-8750-8

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