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SAGE Publishing partners with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities to publish Families in Society

January 25, 2018

SAGE Publishing has today announced a new partnership with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities to publish Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services. Published continuously since 1920, the journal covers the latest research findings, practice and theory advances, and policy review in family- and community-centered social work.

“For the organization that has been the steward of Families in Society and its long rich history in the family services movement, this partnership with SAGE is historic,” Susan N. Dreyfus, president and CEO of the Alliance, shared. “After nearly a century of self-publishing such a seminal journal, we are excited to accelerate and grow the innovative practice and policy research that has perennially made it a core publication in the field.”

“Together with our editors, advisory board members, peer reviewers, and authors, we’re confident Families in Society will remain a source of the very best scholarship for the social services sector,” added Kirstin Anderson, director of content strategy at the Alliance. “Further, its success helps support other mission-driven activities by the Alliance that are focused on ensuring all people have equitable access to opportunities that foster safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives.”

Mary Richmond, a pioneer in the field and the founder of social casework, began the journal in 1920 to build a knowledge base for the first systematized approaches to the practice of social work. “Families in Society was the first journal of social work research in the United States,” shared journal editor, Dr. Sondra J. Fogel, associate professor in the School of Social Work at the University of South Florida. In the nine decades that followed, the journal has disseminated influential works from many other pioneers such as Jane Addams, Julia Lathrop, Ann Hartman, Dennis Saleebey, Mark Rank, Brené Brown, and Ruby M. Gourdine.

Advancing a knowledge-into-practice continuum in social work scholarship, Families in Society publishes articles on research and policy, direct-practice issues, and the delivery and management of services. It covers the broad array of issues that relate to the capabilities of individuals, families, and communities, including consideration of the various biopsychosocial, economic, and cultural factors that impact people’s behavior and well-being. As part of its translational research aims, readers can also engage with scholars and their peers via online and in-person presentations, professional development projects, and social media.

Families in Society connects a broad community of social work practitioners, educators, and allied professionals with the most recent advances in the field,” commented Bob Howard, Senior Vice President of Global Journals, SAGE Publishing. “We look forward to working with the Alliance to create additional visibility for the journal, increasing its usage and reach.”

For more information on the quarterly journal, visit Families in Society’s website.

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