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Decoding Huawei

October 12, 2016

London, UK.  “Huawei: Leadership, Culture and Connectivity” by Tian Tao, David De Cremer and Wu Chunbo, has launched today, published under imprint SAGE Response. Centered on the evolving philosophies and guiding strategies of the company, Prof Tian Tao explores Huawei’s growth to one of the top three telecoms companies globally.

Huawei, one of the youngest global multinationals, was established in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, a young engineer from the Chinese Army. The book discusses Huawei’s unique approach, in terms of its philosophy, culture, and leadership, all strategies which have made the company a highly cited case study for business and management around the world.

This book isn’t a traditional corporate narrative that maps out the founder’s family background and then goes on to focus on the early challenges, maybe describing some near-death experience, before its final claim to success. Instead of delving into sales statistics, product development, and so on, Prof Tian Tao centers the book on the evolving philosophies and strategies that have guided the company.  The book explores the soul of Huawei which makes it a fascinating and inspirational read.

The book is not only about corporate success and the reasons for it, but also about the philosophy, wisdom, humility, and a wonderful culture from which many can learn.

The story of Huawei, so well told in this book, is about an employee-owned company, a humble founder and leader, and a unique philosophy; one that should be considered by those who are looking forward to new approaches for successful businesses in our unpredictable world. It is a compulsory read for all students of life who aspire to “do” than merely “be”.

The book was launched at The Royal Society, Carlton Terrace, London, on Wednesday 12th October. The release was followed by a lecture from the authors, Tian Tao and Professor David De Cremer.  

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