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Corwin Launches Visible LearningTM MetaX Platform, the Largest Global Database of Evidence-Based Research

August 15, 2019

Powered by John Hattie’s Visible Learning research, the Visible Learning MetaX database provides education researchers and educators unprecedented access to the most-up-to-date Visible Learning research, interpretations, and analyses.


Los Angeles, CA (July 23, 2019) — Corwin, a leading provider of evidence-based professional learning for K-12 educators, announced the public beta launch of its global research database, Visible Learning MetaX. The database, powered by John Hattie’s groundbreaking research, aims to help practitioners access to the most up-to-date research to complement and advance their practice.

Visible Learning is John Hattie’s culmination of more than 25 years of examining and synthesizing over 1,600 meta-analyses, comprising more than 95,000 studies involving over 300 million students around the world. The research is focused on identifying the factors that have the greatest impact on student learning. Hattie has pinpointed over 250 factors that influence student achievement and calculated an “effect size” score relative to its impact. When educators know these factors, and pair it with what makes sense for their local context, they are able to maximize student learning in addition to their own time, energy, and resources.

With the beta version of the database, users have complimentary access to the citations of over 95,000 of the original Visible Learning studies, as well as an Influence Glossary, an alphabetical list of definitions for each of the 250+ Visible Learning influences identified in Hattie’s research; a searchable Influence Database index containing each of the individual influences; Influence Pages that offer a deep dive into each individual influence, the meta-analyses, and other factors related to the research; and a Frequently Asked Questions Bank, a repository of hundreds of questions posed by educators, researchers, and other Visible Learning community members from around the world. This bank makes it easy for users to learn from one another and clarify misconceptions around the research. The database is continually updated to ensure users have the most up-to-date research at their fingertips.

“When I began working with Corwin several years ago, I was instantly impressed by their passion for and commitment to independent research to inform policy and practice,” says John Hattie. “It’s why I selected them as the global partner for Visible Learningplus, the school change model based on the Visible Learning research. Now, as we roll out the Visible Learning MetaX platform, I’m keenly aware that Corwin is the perfect partner for advancing this research and making it available to the global education community for generations to come.”

“Untangling and understanding education research can be overwhelming, and from our conversations with researchers and educators, this is why many research-based practices can take a while to show up in our schools and classrooms,” says Mike Soules, Corwin’s president. “The Visible Learning MetaX database helps to bridge the gap between the Visible Learning research and practice, giving all who are instrumental in a child’s education information on what they can do to best support and develop students. Visible Learning MetaX is a game changer for educators and researchers, and helps reinforce Corwin’s Visible Learning approach in schools. This is just the beginning. We eagerly look forward to feedback on our beta launch and to releasing future versions down the road.”

To learn more about Visible Learning MetaX, please visit

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