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Practical Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Practical Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy
A Relational Approach

March 2019 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This highly engaging book introduces readers to the ethical dilemmas that therapists may face in their therapeutic practices. By mapping the counselling process from beginning to end, it focuses on key ethical issues such as informed consent, confidentiality, boundaries, the use of touch and dual relationships. It draws on a series of in-depth case studies illustrating ethical dilemmas, and presents the reader with reflective questions at the end of each example. The book covers: The Context of Relational Ethics - Relational Ethics within the Therapeutic Relationship - Exploring the complex judgement demanded by the therapeutic process, and looking at how therapy needs to be situation specific.
Part I: The Context of 'Relational Ethics'
Chapter 1: A relational approach to ethics
Chapter 2: Professional codes and legal frameworks: Thinking relationally
Chapter 3: Care as a relational ethic and its ‘shadow’
Chapter 4: Living ethics within a social world; 'Walking the talk'
Part II: Relational Ethics within the Therapeutic Relationship
Chapter 5: 'First contact': Creating ethical therapeutic spaces
Chapter 6: Ethical boundarying
Chapter 7: Ethical 'holding'
Chapter 8: Ethical containing
Chapter 9: Ethical endings
Part III: Relational Ethics in Practice
Chapter 10: Karim: Brief therapy and CBT
Chapter 11: Susan: Integrating creatively?
Chapter 12: Gary: Working with anger in context
Chapter 13: Star: Containing and boundarying?
Chapter 14: Luke: Intergenerational trauma work

Rather than relying on a set of ethical “rules” Linda Finlay is constantly reminding psychotherapist, counsellor, and coaches to question our actions: “Is my behaviour beneficial to this particular client’s welfare, at this point in time, and in this context?”

Richard G. Erskine, PhD.
Developmentally based, Relationally focused Integrative Psychotherapist

Linda Finlay's new contribution to the helping professions is simply a relational jewel! A beautiful rare example of how practical ethics unfolds and is shaped through the context and its participants. 

Her brilliant jewel throws a clear but sensitive light on the many facets of our ethical life and opens up really helpful directions in philosophical, theoretical and practical realms. This book is a gift to students, researchers and practitioners alike!

For the more advanced therapist it will be a well written, rich and stimulating companion that is deeply cherished.

Gerhard Payrhuber
MSc. MPhil. Integrative Psychotherapist & Supervisor

This book uses an engaging, informative approach to ethics rarely found within the field of counselling and psychotherapy. Linda Finlay uses her own experiences alongside those of others to offer in-depth explorations of and how ethics ‘dance and weave around us’ in the ‘vibrant immediacy of the relational context’ within which we live and work: a wonderful, rich, tapestry for practitioners at all stages. 

Kim Etherington
Emeritus professor, University of Bristol

This is an important contribution to counselling and psychotherapy. As always, Linda Finlay writes about complex processes in both an accessible and inspiring way. I have found her book refreshing and thought-provoking and can see it becoming a classic for all therapists looking for Ethical guidance

Sofie Bager-Charleson
Metanoia Institute

Linda Finlay is to be congratulated on this remarkable, well written and much needed book on not only practical but also relational ethics. It offers a vast amount of material and examples which reflect the complexities, challenges as well as new perspectives which inform ethical and contemporary relational practice.

Divine Charurua
Course Director for post graduate courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Leeds Beckett University

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