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Eight Volume Set
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April 2012 | 3 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Power theory, as a burgeoning field of study, has had, and continues to have, a huge impact across the social sciences. In particular, there has been considerable innovative work in the fields of organization studies and politics which in turn has fed research in a wide array of related fields, such as public administration, cultural studies, management and democratic theory. However, work on power is sprawling and seemingly eclectic - this Eight-Volume Set combines Power and Politics, along with the companion set Power and Organizations, to take stock of the theory by reviewing its foundations, current status and emerging new directions in both organization studies and political theory.

While there is evident synergy and cross-fertilization across the fields of organization studies and political theory, through the impact of work by figures such as Lukes, Bourdieu, Foucault, Haugaard, Clegg, Dean, Allen, and others there is sufficient distinction to warrant two separate but related collections.

This collection is also available in two separate major reference works:
Power and Politics, Four-Volume Set
Power and Organizations, Four-Volume Set
The Three-Dimensional Power Debate: Power Over as Domination
The Concept of Political Power Robert Dahl
How to Study Community Power: The Pluralist Alternative Nelson W. Polsby
Bachrach, Peter and Baratz, Morton (1962): The Two Faces of Power Clarence Stone
Decisions and Nondecisions: An Analytic Framework Peter Bachrach and Morton Baratz
Nondecisions and the Study of Local Politics Raymond E. Wolfinger
Comment: On Issues and Nonissue in the Study of Power Fredrick W. Frey
Rejoiner to Freys "Comments" Raymond E. Wolfinger
Nondecisions and Power: The Two Faces of Bachrach and Baratz Geoffrey Debenham
Power and Its Two Faces Revisited: A Reply to Geoffrey Debnam Peter Bachrach and Morton Baratz
Rejoiner to "Comment" by Peter Bachrach and Morton S. Baratz Geoffrey Debnam
Critical Note: A Critique of Steven Lukes "Power: A Radical View" Alan Bradshaw
Critical Note: Reply to Bradshaw Steven Lukes
"Objective" Interests and the Sociology of Power T. Benton
Power, Interests and the Outcome of Struggles Barry Hindess
Steven Lukes on the Concept of Power Peter Morriss
Power as Capacity for Action: Power to as Empowerment
On the Concept of Political Power Talcott Parsons
"Power" in the Recent Writings of Talcott Parsons Anthony Giddens
Hannah Arendt's Communications Concept of Power Jurgen Habermas
Power and freedom
Freedom as Antipower Philip Pettit
Power and Liberalism Peter Morriss
Analytic Approaches to Power:
Macht, Power, Puissance: Democratic Prose or Demonical Poetry? Raymond Aron
Power Robert Dahl
Some Problems in Defining Social Power Denis Wrong
Two Concepts of Coercion Terence Ball
Power, Capability and Ableness: The Fallacy of the Vehicle Fallacy Keith Dowding
The Concept of Power: A Constructivist Analysis Stefano Guzzini
Power: A Family Resemblance Concept Mark Haugaard
Foucault and the Foucault Effect
The Subject and Power Michel Foucault
Politics and the Study of Discourse Michel Foucault
Truth and Power Michel Foucault
Political Power Beyond the State: Problematics of Government Niklas Rose and Peter Miller
Liberal Government and Authoritarianism Mitchell Dean
Habermas and Foucault: Thinkers for Civil Society? Bent Flyvbjerg
Critique of Foucault and Foucauldian Analysis
Foucault on Freedom and Truth Charles Taylor
Michel Foucault: A Young Conservative? Nancy Fraser
The Politics of Michel Foucault Michael Walzer
Hegemony, Ideology, Discourse
Post-Marxism without Apologies Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe
Review Article: How we do Things with Words - Contemporary Approaches to the Analysis of Ideology Aletta Norval
Discourse as a Strategic Resource Cynthia Hardy, Ian Palmer and Nelson Phillips
Peripheral Vision: Discourse Analysis in Organization Studies: The Case for Critical Realism Norman Fairclough
The British/US Power Perspectives and Foucauldian Analysis: Confrontations and Synthesis?
The Disciplinary Society: From Weber to Foucault John O'Neill
The Fourth Face of Power Peter Digesser
Radical Revisions: Power, Discipline and Organizations Stewart Clegg
De-facing Power Clarissa Hayward
Reflections on Seven Forms of Power Mark Haugaard
Power and Structure: Agency and Constraint
Beyond the Three faces of Power: A Realist Critique Jeffrey C. Isaac
Power, Structural Resources and Agency J. M. Barbalet
Social Space and Symbolic Power Pierre Bourdieu
Nobody to Shoot? Power, Structure and Agency: A Dialogue Clarissa Hayward and Steven Lukes
Power and Structuration Theory Rob Stones
Power, Gender, Sexuality, Identity
Five Faces of Oppression Iris Marrion Young
Revisiting Bodies and Pleaures Judith Butler
Beyond the Master/Subject Model: Reflections on Carole Patemans Sexual Contract Nancy Fraser
Recognition without Ethics Nancy Fraser
Rethinking Power Amy Allen
Power in Critical Theory
On Systematically Distorted Comunication Jurgen Habermas
Recognition or Redistribution: Changing Perspectives on the Moral Order of Society Axel Honneth
Recognizing Domination: Recognition and Power in Honneths Critical Theory Amy Allen
Power and Critique Saar Martin
Power, Culture and Status
Civil Religion in America Robert N. Bellah
Centres, Kings and Charisma: Reflections on the Symbolics of Power Clifford Geertz
The Democratic Struggle for Power: The 2008 Presidential Campaign in the USA Jeffrey Alexander
Meaning and Military Power: Moving on From Foucault Philip Smith
Power and International Politics
The Balance of Power: Prescription, Concept or Propaganda Ernest B. Haas
Structural Realism after the Cold War Kenneth N. Waltz
Power Analysis and World Politics: New Trends versus Old Tendencies David A. Baldwin
State power and the Structure of International Trade Stephen D. Krasner
Soft Power Joseph S. Nye
Structural Power: The Limits of Neorealist Power Analysis Stefano Guzzini
Power in International Politics Michael Barnett and Raymond Duvall
Political Agency in a Globalizing World: Toward a Structurational Approach Philip G. Cerny
Power and the Battle for Hearts and Minds: On the Bluntness of Soft Power Steven Lukes
Why Soft Power isnt so Soft: Representational Force and the Sociolinguistic Construction of Attraction in World Politics Janice Bially Mattern
Mathematical and Rational Choice Models of Power:
A Method for Evaluating the Distribution of Power in a Committee System L. S. Shapley and Martin Shubik
Voting Power Measurement: A Story of Misreinvention, Machover Moshe and Dan S. Felsenthal
Capitalists Rule OK? Some Puzzles about Power Brian Barry
Resources, Power and Systematic Luck: A Response to Barry Keith Dowding
Power-Dependence Relations Richard M. Emerson
Authority and Power in Identical Organizations James D. Thompson
Power and Union-Management Relations Robert Dubin
Micropolitics: Mechanisms of Institutional Change Tom Burns
Sources of Power of Lower Participants in Complex Organizations David Mechanic
A Strategic Contingencies Theory of Intraorganizational Power D. J. Hickson et al
Structural Conditions Of Intraorganisational Power C. R. Hinings et al
Organizational Decision Making As A Political Process Jeffrey Pfeffer and Gerald Salancik
Who Gets Power--and How They Hold on to it: A Strategic-Contingency Model of Power Gerald Salancik and Jeffrey Pfeffer
Making power problematic
The Structuring Of Organizational Structures Stewart Ranson, Bob Hinings and Royston Greenwood
The Organization as Political Arena Henry Mintzberg
Power and Resistance J. M. Barbalet
Radical Revisions: Power, Discipline and Organizations Stewart R. Clegg
The Fourth Face of Power Peter Digesser
Disconnects and Consequences in Organization Theory Royston Greenwood and C. R. Hinings
Lives In The Balance: A Comment On Professors Hinings' And Greenwood's Disconnects And Consequences In Organization Theory Stewart R. Clegg
Some Dare Call it Power Cynthia Hardy and Stewart R. Clegg
Power and Discourse
Talking Social Structure: Discourse, Domination and the Watergate Hearings Harvey L. Molotch and Deidre Boden
The Language of Power and the Power of Language Stewart R. Clegg
Governmentality Matters: Designing an Alliance Culture of Inter-organizational Collaboration for Managing Projects' Stewart R. Clegg et al
Between Michel Foucault And Erving Goffman: Between Discourse in the Abstract and Face-To-Face Interaction Ian Hacking
Discourse, Power and Ideology: Unpacking the Critical Approach Dennis Mumby
Language and the Circuits Of Power in a Merging Multinational Corporation Eero Vaara et al
Accountably Other: Trust, Reciprocity and Exclusion in a Context of Situated Practice Anne Warfield and Rawls and Gary David
Embedded Ethics: Discourse and Power in the New South Wales Police Service Ray Gordon, Stewart R. Clegg and Martin Kornberger
Strategic Practice, 'Discourse' And The Everyday Interactional Constitution Of 'Power Effects' Dalvir Samra-Fredericks
Power and Discipline
The Denial Of Slavery In Management Studies Bill Cooke
The Disciplinary Society: From Weber To Foucault John O'Neill
Disciplinary Power in the Modern Corporation S. Deetz
The Cult[ure] Of The Customer P. du Gay, P. and G. Salaman
The Calculated And The Avowed: Techniques Of Discipline And Struggles Over Identity In Big Six Public Accounting Firms Mark A. Covaleski et al
Embodied Work, Divided Labour: Subjectivity And The Scientific Management Of The Body In Frederick W. Taylor's 1907 'Lecture On Management' Mark Bahnisch
`Being Regimented': Aspiration, Discipline and Identity Work in the British Parachute Regiment Thomas Thornborrow and Andrew Brown
The Discipline Of Teams: The Control Of Team-Based Industrial Work Through Electronic And Peer Surveillance Graham Sewell
Power at Work
The Tyranny Of A Team Ideology Amanda Sinclair
Petty Tyranny in Organizations Blake Ashforth
The Yellow Brick Road: Total Quality Management and the Restructuring of Organizational Culture Alan Tuckman
Power And Discretion: Membership Work In The Time Of Technology Cynthia HardyCynthia and Leiba-O'Sullivan, Sharon. The Power Behind Empowerment: Implications For Research And Practice Rolland Munro
Where's The Power In Empowerment? Answers From Follett And Clegg David M. Boje and Grace Ann Rosile
Conceptualizing Leadership With Respect To Its Historical-Contextual Antecedents To Power Raymond D. Gordon
Power And Subjectivity At Work: From Degradation To Subjugation David Knights and Hugh Willmott
Tightening The Iron Cage: Concertive Control In Self-Managing Teams James R. Barker
Foucault, Power/Knowledge, and its Relevance for Human Resource Management B. Townley
Individualization at Work?: Subjectivity, Teamwork and Anti-Unionism Darren McCabe
Socialisation And Hegemonic Power G. John Ikenberry and Charles A. Kupchan
Managerial Strategies Of Domination: Power In Soft Bureaucracies David Courpasson
The Way it Really Happened: Competing Narratives in the Political Process of Technological Change Patrick Dawson and David Buchanan
Accounting And Management-Labour Relations: The Politics Of Production In The 'Factory With A Problem Mahmoud Ezzamel, Hugh Willmott and Frank Worthington
Dissolving The Iron Cages? Tocqueville, Michels, Bureaucracy David Courpasson and Stewart R. Clegg
Power, Control and Strategy
Trust, Power And Control In Trans-Organizational Relations Reinhard Bachmann
Circuits Of Power In Practice: Strategic Ambiguity As Delegation Of Authority Sally Davenport and Shirley Leitch
Politics And Strategic Change Across Organizational Life Cycles Barbara Gray and Sonny S. Ariss
Understanding Power: Bringing About Strategic Change Cynthia Hardy
Corporate Ownership And Control: The Large Corporation And The Capitalist Maurice Zeitlin
Understanding Organizational Power: Building On The Weberian Legacy Kenneth Mcneil
The Effective Use Of Power Robert C. Benfari, Harry E. Wilkinson and Charles D. Orth
The Intraorganizational Power Struggle: Rise Of Finance Personnel To Top Leadership In Large Corporations, 1919-1979 Neil Fligstein
The Role Of Value Congruity In Intraorganizational Power Cathy A. Enz
The Small World Of The American Corporate Elite, 1982-2001 Gerlad F. Davis, Mina Yoo, and Wayne E. Baker
Bank Control, Owner Control, Or Organizational Dynamics: Who Controls The Large Modern Corporation? Neil Fligstein and Peter Brantley
Political Dynamics And The Circulation Of Power: CEO Succession, In U.S. Industrial Corporations, 1960-1990 William Ocasio
Destroying the Village to Save It: Corporate social responsibility, labour relations, and the rise and fall of American hegemony R. Marens

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