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Politics in Transition

Politics in Transition

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June 1989 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Politics in Transition is a unique and innovative introduction to the key debates about politics and the state in the United Kingdom today.

The authors draw on a wide range of disciplines - politics, sociology and economics - to highlight the issue of structural change and uneven development. The authors locate the United Kingdom firmly within the world political system but also investigate the roots of its individuality within that system. They analyse the ways in which the country is itself fragmented regionally, socially and at a local level.

Politics in Transition is a course book for the Open University course, D314 Restructuring Britain.

Joe Doherty
Britain in a Changing International System
Allan Cochrane
Britain's Political Crisis
Simon Mohun
Continuity and Change in State Economic Intervention
Allan Cochrane
Restructuring the State
The Case of Local Government

Mark Goodwin
The Politics of Locality
Patrick Dunleavy
The End of Class Politics?

`Politics in Transition presents a reasoned and critical account drawing upon a wide range of theories within a manner unconstrained by disciplinary boundaries.... (It)is ambitious in its scope and through its deliberate use of juxtaposing alternative theories, frequently provocative in its conclusions.' - Transactions

`As a student text, the book has much to offer. The exposition in each chapter is uniformly clear and thorough. The strategy of comparing and contrasting theories of change in the light of events throws their relative merits and drawbacks into sharp relief, and these points are drawn out well in the discussions. The open-endedness of the volume is a particular strength: a few definitive conclusions are drawn, and political change is presented throughout as a matter for debate and controversy.... the book is good value for money. It succeeds in providing a glimpse of the controversy and richness of current political debate in Britain, and will help challenge students to develop their own arguments and analyses.' - Urban Studies

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