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Politics in Europe

Politics in Europe

Seventh Edition

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European Politics (General)

June 2018 | 736 pages | CQ Press
Politics in Europe, Seventh Edition introduces students to the power of the European Union as well as seven political systems—the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Poland—within a common analytical framework that enables students to conduct both single-case and cross-national analysis. Each case addresses the most relevant questions of comparative political analysis: who governs, on behalf of what values, with the collaboration of what groups, in the face of what kind of opposition, and with what socioeconomic and political consequences? Packed with captivating photos and robust country descriptions from regional specialists, the Seventh Edition enables students to think critically about these questions and make meaningful cross-national comparisons.
Part I. United Kingdom, Christopher J. Carman
1.1 The Context of British Politics
1.2 Where Is the Power?
1.3 Who Has the Power?
1.4 How Is Power Used?
1.5 What Is the Future of British Politics
Part II. France, William Safran and Michelle Hale Williiams
2.1 The Context of French Politics
2.2 Where Is the Power?
2.3 Who Has the Power?
2.4 How Is Power Used?
2.5 What Is the Future of French Politics?
Part III. Germany, David P. Conradt
3.1 The Context of German Politics
3.2 Where Is the Power?
3.3 Who Has the Power?
3.4 How Is Power Used?
3.5 What Is the Future of German Politics?
Part IV. Italy, Raffaella Y. Nanetti and Robert Leonardi
4.1 The Context of Italian Politics
4.2 Where Is the Power?
4.3 Who Has the Power
4.4 How Is Power Used?
4.5 What Is the Future of Italian Politics?
Part V. Sweden, M. Donald Hancock
5.1 The Context of Swedish Politics
5.2 Where Is the Power?
5.3 Who Has the Power?
5.4 How Is Power Used?
5.5 What is the Future of Swedish Politics?
Part VI. Russia, Stephen White and Mary Nelle Hampton
6.1 The Context of Russian Politics
6.2 Where Is the Power?
6.3 Who Has the Power?
6.4 How Is Power Used?
6.5 What Is the Future of Russian Politics?
Part VII. Poland, Marjorie Castle
7.1 The Context of Polish Politics
7.2 Where Is the Power?
7.3 Who Has the Power?
7.4 How Is Power Used?
7.5 What Is the Future of Polish Politics?
Part VIII. European Union, M. Donald Hancock
8.1 The Context of European Union Politics
8.2 Where Is the Power?
8.3 Who Has the Power?
8.4 How Is Power Used?
8.5 What Is the Future of European Union Politics?

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