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Political Studies Association Package

Political Studies Association Package

Political Studies, Political Studies Review, The British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Political Insight, and Politics are sold as a package. To subscribe to the PSA Package simply select from the pricing options opposite.

Political Studies is a leading international journal, which is committed to publishing high-quality research in all areas of politics and international relations. The editors particularly welcome submissions which aim to be innovative in their approach, which cross traditional disciplinary boundaries, which reconsider the relationship between the domestic and international politics, or which offer fresh comparative perspectives. 

Political Studies Review (PSR) provides a unique intellectual space for rigorous high-quality peer reviewed original research across politics, political science and related fields. It aims to stimulate wide-ranging debate and cutting edge discussion of current disputes and issues in the discipline both within the UK and across the globe. The journal seeks to bridge the intellectual boundary of why political science matters through enhancing understanding and dialogue both within the political science profession, across disciplinary subfields and outside the scholarly community. It therefore aims to be more eclectic in terms of content, style and subject matter to maximise public reach.

The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (BJPIR) is an international journal that publishes innovative, cutting edge contemporary scholarship on international relations, comparative politics, public policy, political theory and (especially) politics and policy in the United Kingdom. It is the world’s premier journal for research into British politics.

Political Insight provides a window to the world on all aspects of research in politics. This full-colour magazine is written for everyone with an interest in politics. International both in the scope of issues it covers and in the sources it draws from, Political Insight aims to present research into politics and international studies to a broad audience in an entertaining and engaging way.

The ethos of politics is the dissemination of timely, research-led reflections on the state of the art, the state of the world and the state of disciplinary pedagogy. We welcome articles 4000-8000 words in length. We publish: original, innovative research in politics and international relations; research-led analyses of political events; theoretically informed, evidence-based pedagogical research in politics and international relations.

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